Friday, 1 April 2011

Kids TV

It's so mindless. So inane. Most of it Roman isn't interested in, which I've always liked - but just this last couple of weeks because we've spent more time in the house (lurgy, packing, new baby to feed ENDLESSLY during a growth spurt) the telly has been on more than normal - and I'm hooked. Roman, not so much - but me, oh yes, I can sing the theme tunes from every show on Milkshake and cbeebies (someone PLEASE insist to the BBC that Justin and Lenny are not the only children's entertainers around and that they must broaden their options, I can't take their voices any more!). I am loving "Mr Bloom's Nursery" and "Hana's Helpline" - moo baa, double quack double quack! 

it does seem though that shows are either totally and utterly mindless and brain numbing (see "In the Night Garden") or trying too hard to be educational about bizarre things (why the heck would you get in a tiny plane and fly your dog to the welly factory? If that shop has none, go to the shop next door. Flying to the bloody factory, you mental. Think of the cost-per-wear value when you factor in airoplane fuel!) 

(Roman is very excited about Pippin though - he loves dogs) 

Roman likes Chuggington, Badge Quest and Peppa Pig - most of all Peppa Pig, mainly because he loves Daddy Pig who is the FUNNIEST THING ON TV. When Peppa has finished he brings me the remote ("Telly button phone") and tells me "Mummy fisk it" (Mummy fix it - ie play it again). 

In honour of his love of Peppa and to get some actual out of the house time we're going to be going to Peppa Pig World with Roman's Grandad in a few weeks - once we've moved and got settled - Roman will be beside himself with excitement, which is a bit embarrassing because before he was born we prided ourselves on not even HAVING a telly and insisted he'd never watch it. Oh how the experienced Mummies laughed! 

I tell you what though - nothing is ever going to be as good on kids TV as this little beauty was - "The Smoggies"

Nobody I know even remembers it - but trust me, best cartoon EVER. Apart from Captain Planet. He's OUR hero. 


  1. We just got peppa pig on our children's network!! It is adorable! we were hooked right away.. Love their little accents too!

  2. I totally used to watch both The Smoggies AND Captain Planet! None of my friends remember the Smoggies either, but my old BFF and I used to talk about Captain Planet all the time lol.

    I'm admittedly a tv junkie. Mason used to just ignore it but he's been starting to actually watch things recently. We watch mostly Disney shows, and a couple Nickelodeon ones.

  3. Well, hats off! I haven't have time to watch a TV programme for like - a couple of years. How do you do it?

  4. Well, the Smoggies is a new one on me too!

    I must confess to being a very big fan of Justin Fletcher, but I have told the geekdaughter our TV doesn't get "In the Night Garden" so I don't have to watch that with her!

  5. I have to admit that Mr Bloom's Nursery, Ballamory and Come Outside are firm favourites with me. They may or not stay on the TV even if Miss P leaves the room ;-)

  6. Ah, The Smoggies! Now there's a blast from the past. Sadly, I can probably still remember the whole theme tune. Much more stimulating than most of the stuff my nine-month-old is currently addicted to; Baby TV is slowly sapping my will to live!

  7. Noah is a massive Peppa Pig fan and Ben and Holly and I too have been known to keep it on when he is not in the room! x

  8. I remember the Smoggies! And I remember the words. I think it was where I learned the word 'ecologically'!


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