Friday, 11 November 2011

Reasons I love my car.

1. When I get into it I can sit in a seat without having to move things or stand on lots of crap - like I do in my husband's car.

2. I get to decide what to listen to. (Well, sort of - it's usually radio 1 because I can't get it to tune into anything else, and all my CDs are too scratched to play without skipping - but in THEORY I get to decide!) 

3. It originally came from a dealership in Kendal, Cumbria. This might mean nothing to most people - but I was born in Kendal, Cumbria. The car somehow found its way to Dorset - and so did I. Destiny.

4. It has a choke. I love this feature - because it makes me feel all retro and studenty.

5. It has wind down windows with handles like when I was little. This also makes me feel all retro and youthful. 

6. The chairs are REALLY comfy. Not, like, all lumbar support and adjustable positioning comfy - just made of foam, really old and soft seats comfy. The kind I like. 

7. I can feel like I'm really whizzing along whilst never breaking a speed limit. The car only has 4 gears and even with my foot pushed down hard it has only made it to 70 was a REALLY big hill I was going down. 

8. I like being overtaken. It makes me feel twee. Which is handy, because it happens a lot. For the record, I don't drive at 50 on the duel carriage way because I think that's the limit - it's just my car's limit. 

9. It does 0-60 in rare and special circumstances rather than a timescale measured in seconds. 

10. It's mine.

11. It has polyfiller on the outside.

12. The petrol cap has been replaced with a really rubbish rubber one. It's bright red. 

13. You have to wipe the insides of the windows when it's cold outside. Remember that?!?

Why do you love your car? What kind of car do you have? What was your best car ever and why? 


  1. Aww, it reminds me of my first car, my little escort, that my dad bought for 50 quid fixed a couple of things on it and told me "when you break that, I'll get you another one". I never did break it, but my Dad got me another car. I cried when he did, not out of happiness, but out of sadness, I loved me little car, with it's choke, and it's soft seats, wind down windows, leaky window, hole in the floor (for letting the water out from the leaky window) and slightly bent door (from the time someone broke into it for my tunnel money which I had stupidly left in view).

    The next car had turquoise seatbelts, I hated that, and I didn't have to ask all passengers to get out when going up steep hills in the middle of Welsh hills, and it had an automatic choke, and it actually managed to get warm, but I didn't warm to it. I wasn't sad when I got my next car after that.

    Will always have a soft spot in my heart for my little escort! My current car though, my golf, is coming very close to surpassing my love of the escort, which is quite fitting really, as it also has leaky windows and windscreen wipers that decide to work when they want. My dads talking about "getting me something new" - and I'm all like noooooo! Just do what you're meant to do as a dad mechanic and FIX it! Hehe!

    My goodness, look at me, I can ramble on as much as you just shouldn't mention cars in my presence. Learn your lesson ;p

  2. I have no car, I'd be happy if mine was even 10% as good as yours...if it had at least three wheels and moved, I would be happy!

  3. Linzi I'm so glad you understand! Leaky windows sound awesome - I don't have those, but the sunroof drips. I don't care though because I have a sunroof! Check me out!

    Beth, how about a scooter? I'm sure J would sit nicely in a sling under your coat...

  4. I love our car because it used to belong to my parents, and it reminds me of day trips out, and caravanning holidays. We'll drive it until it falls in pieces!

    Lovely post about your child's jokes, it's great to see them developing a sense of humour and playing with words isn't it. x @Chaoskay

  5. I'm glad you love your car. I wish I had a car. Instead I'm allowed to share my husband's van when he's not using it. Which means moving all of the seats around and sitting on a cushion so that my 5ft frame can see over the steering wheel. I do love the van tho - it's huge (7 seats) and had big sliding doors like a camper van. Does yours have a tape deck to go with the wind-down windows and choke? If so you have to play '80s music, it is the law. xx


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