Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Singing in the rain.

Yesterday we had a big long list of Things To Do Outside of the Flat - this is always popular with the toddler, and never popular with me. 

For his benefit I do make an effort to go out somewhere as often as I can force myself (being the kind of person who'd rather sit inside alone all day, every day) and yesterday it was more tempting than usual to stay in because it was POURING with rain but I HAD to get out and return some things to the library, collect a couple of parcels and post some things. I gritted my teeth, reminded myself that I'm a Northerner and thus used to, nay, fond of the rain (honest) and Baby J went in the pushchair with the raincover, the parcels filled the spare chair and Robles the toddler was wrapped in his big red waterproof suit, shoved on his pirate wellies and off we went.

Well, Peppa Pig has nothing on my boy when it comes to jumping in muddy puddles, that's for sure! Thanks to the preparation and waterproofing and the decision, pre exit, to Enjoy Our Day Out it actually turned out to be blooming good fun.

The toddler loves the rain - he loves it - he loved being allowed to run around, he loved jumping in the puddles, he loved standing on the bridge watching the rain splashing in the harbour and watching the boats coming in. He thought the umbrellas were funny to watch (Mummy never carries one, I haven't enough hands for that AND a pushchair!) and he adores his wellies and having his hood  up. 

The only difficulty of the trip came when, having filled the pushchair with much bigger parcels than I'd anticipated collecting, Robles decided that he'd had enough of running and splashing and needed to be carried home! That meant that the walk home consisted of me trying to balance him on my hip, balance a parcel on the top of the chair and push it one handed or trying to encourage him to walk when he was trying to sit on the kerb! 

Toddlers - such fun! 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Breastfeeding supplements?

In one of the goody bags from the Cybermummy conference (the Boots bag, which was full of goodies!) there was a box of breast feeding supplements to ensure that you're giving baby all the vital nutrients and vitamins. I was mildly curious about them, but it had never occurred to me to buy them before - I eat a pretty balanced diet (maybe too many cakes, but shh) and I thought that would basically cover my needs - and baby's needs.

Looking at my son he's a big boy - he's a chunky great big baby of 4 1/2 months who's the size of an average 6 1/2 month old - he's getting PLENTY of goodness from my milk - he's never had anything BUT breast milk, so I know we're getting it right because he's thriving.

Why then am I taking these tablets? Why am I already thinking I'll buy more when the box runs out? 

The fact that these tablets exists has made me question whether my milk really IS good enough - has made me think I ought to take them to make sure I really am giving Jazz the best I can give and topping my milk up with goodies will make it ok that I eat cake, and had that glass of wine, and that most of my drinks are orange squash and not something 'better', like organic wheatgrass and goji berry smoothies or something equally yuck. 

Are the tablets a good idea? Are they there to help out the women who aren't as well educated about what they're eating to help them ensure they're getting everything they need, in order to pass that benefit on to their children? Or are they aimed at people like me - people who are already doing their best to get it right and eat well, set a good example for the toddler, teach my family healthy eating habits from birth, and are the tablets just playing on that quiet guilt we all carry around with us from the moment we become parents? 

I don't know. I don't know whether these tablets are a great idea to help me keep healthy and keep Jazz healthy. I don't know whether they're a con, playing on my Mummy guilt. More, I know that now I've started to take them I'm going to find it VERY difficult to stop once the box is empty and I'll buy more - which is precisely what Boots expected when they dropped them in those goody bags - for every ten boxes they gave away to a breastfeeding Mummy there's probably 2 who will have the same train of thought as me and talk themselves into buying more to alleviate that niggling worry.

I don't know whether the Boots team are as cynical as all that - maybe they were just doing a nice thing - but I know the way my Mummy brain works and I fell for it hook, line and sinker - even whilst knowing I was falling for it. Good work, Boots! You've made another monthly sale from this Mummy.

(If you want some - I can't pretend they're a bad idea, after all, though I feel a bit odd about them - you can get them here ) 

Monday, 4 July 2011

Mommatwo's Monday Dream Meme

Hello everyone - whilst there's still some Monday left I'm posting up this week's Monday Dream Meme! 

I don't think my linky last week worked but I'm hopeful that this one does and that everyone gets posting up their dreams! 

This week I'm looking at the dreams I was linked to from last week.

I got a link from "Actually Mummy" that I thought was very interesting - and which contained two dreams from two small people.

The first was this:

Last night I had a nightmare. I was in the final of Strictly Come Dancing (yes, of course I’m that good). For some reason we had drawn the short straw and instead of being in a glitzy ballroom we were in the school hall. Not only that, but the head judge was a sorcerer, whose modus operandi was to throw dirt in the loser’s face.

This is interesting and very telling about the dreamer - and makes more sense when you know that the dreamer is a six year old girl.

The dream shows an anxiety about school and developing an individual personality, self confidence and self worth. The magician shows a worry that the dreamer is being deceived; dirt being thrown in her face shows a worry that people (peers) are besmirching her character.
The dancing depicts life unfolding, developing, and growth. A confidence in the dancing would indicate a confidence in this new development - in this incidence, school - and the fact that the location was changed and she felt cheated means that school isn't quite what the dreamer thought it would be.

The dream that 'The Bug' had - the younger child - is about being chased by "a black hole inside a yellow thingy".
A dream about being chased is showing insecurity and a black hole depicts feeling isolated and hidden layers of personality. The yellow - or gold? - surround however, shows discovery of something precious about himself. I think this dream is about growth and change, and learning new things about himself and being both excited and nervous about these changes. 

Katie - your dreams about cats are about a battle with your femininity; you struggle with feeling smothered by and yearning for more femininity in your self.

I had a horrible dream this week where I murdered lots of people and then, when I was caught, I was given the death penalty but allowed one last day out with my family (I was in a wheelchair, no idea why) and I was VERY irritated that not only did my husband not think me being a murderer was sexy, the families of the people I'd killed kept interrupting my nice day out to tell me I should burn in hell and shouldn't have chance to say goodbye to my family because they never got that chance - and I was like "Dude, seriously, I'm having an ice cream, I'm getting killed tomorrow, move on!"

Any ideas anyone?! 

There's a linky below (I hope!) for everyone to add this week's dreams! (I hope that nobody else has a murder dream!) 


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