Saturday, 1 October 2011

Caption Saturday

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The deal is this - I post a picture and you comment below with a caption - hilarity ensues!

So here's your picture!

Friday, 30 September 2011

The Froobles

Another exciting package from Top That Publishing arrived last week - always a big day in the Mommatwo Household - one VERY excited toddler recognised the logo and started shouting "New books Mummy, new books Mummy!" and clapping his hands - which was REALLY cute! 

The books were nice small ones this time - the kind I keep in the changing bag for reading out and about. The new series of books - The Froobles - looked interesting and we sat down immediately to read the new stories. 

We really liked the images in the story - the cute characters and the scenery, which was really ethereal and cute; according to the press release:

The Froobles are unique characters that have been brought to life by the magic of children's imaginations. Scenes created by playgroup children provide The Froobles with an ever-changing world in which they have fun adventures while learning valuable lessons along the way.

I think the idea of a playgroup sitting and creating the scenes and making up stories was lovely - and as a bonus to the stories they each contain a page of stickers, so you can sit with your own children and create a scene of your own - something my toddler has been having a lot of fun with...they aren't particularly neat or as impressive as those in the books, but he enjoyed it and that's what matters! 

The titles we received were "Apps Apple and the Tooth Fairy" and "Orlando Orange and the Big Scary Bear" - each story comes with lessons about life, morality, being a nice person - Apps Apple taught that you should depend on and trust your friends whilst Orlando Orange taught that you shouldn't judge people on appearance alone, you should get to know them first - important lessons! 

I thought, initially, that the books weren't as nice as the others we've had through Top That Publishing - I've loved the story books we've had before ever so much and they're firm favourites - but Toddler, whose opinion matters more, is mad about them - he names his fruit before he eats it now and tells me stories about the fruit and veg he's eating (we went and had a look together at the Top That Publishing website and saw the other titles and spoke about the characters and titles there) the books seem to have really caught his imagination and he loves the pictures in the books - and having the matching stickers to be able to create his own has been a great addition.

Something Jellybean loves to do is play on my iPhone on the games available; I'm always on the look out for new things to entertain him, and educate him - he's very interested and sharp and always looking to learn new things and play new games - in November The Froobles will also have a series of apps;

The vocal talents of Johnny Vaughan, Denise van Outen, Edith Bowman and Reggie Yates will appear within the animated story sections of the iPhone, iPad and Android Apps, bringing the antics of The Froobles to life!

I think those will be a BIG hit in this house and I'm sure Jellybean will enjoy them, knowing the characters as he does already.

At just £2.99 each the books are very reasonably priced; until I read them I don't think I'd have chosen them myself - but now that we've had a couple to read and Jellybean has enjoyed them so much - and asks for them when we read stories - I think I'll be getting him the rest as stocking fillers - there's a series of 12 to collect and I do like to have complete sets of things ;-) 

Thank you Top That for sending us the books - once again a success, keep up the good work! 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly!

Midweek slump didn't hit here today - though I did make, and break, an agreement with @chaznmax to go to bed at 8pm for it! I have a good excuse though - I've got a big day tomorrow that I had to prep for tonight and I spent a lot of my prep time on the phone to the superb @mumonthebrink who is just an excellent friend, and has helped me to feel ready for tomorrow's big day events! Tomorrow I will be wearing smart clothes, wearing high heels, and going into a grown up real work environment, with no children. Like a grown up. A real grown up! 

The midweek slump is usually a killer - I generally miss my husband, it's usually crap weather, the only option for socialising is filled with chavs and I'm peering longingly ahead to the weekend for more husband filled hours (I'm a bit soppy over him at the moment, he's a smasher, and a super Daddy - not just because he bought me new shoes this week either!) but today was great.

The good? I'm all prepped and ready for tomorrow, I had a great day of work in which I was offered some fab freelance work and got caught up on some things I'd not had chance to catch up on, I got to spend two hours sitting in the sun in the park with my gorgeous boys playing and blowing bubbles and generally just chilling out, I got a wee bit of time to myself walking home from an appointment when hubby had got home and he took the boys to asda so I had a tiny bit of time in the flat alone, I just in general had A NICE DAY. I am feeling pretty good about life right now - things are looking rather stable and satisfactory for now and the immediate future - with hope for bigger better things not too far away. For the first time I'm content to let things progress naturally and not trying to force it - so life is nice. 

The bad? The toddler knocked a pot of (cold, thankfully) tea onto a pile of clean laundry - the whites, of course - and it's not come out - how do you get tea stains out of bedding and baby clothes?! I did a hot wash with vanish, and it just came out smelling nice but stained. 

The ugly? The spot - named Nigel - currently squatting on my chin. I'm pretty sure he has his own gravitational pull (it mostly attracts chocolate and monster munch) 

Happy humpday everyone - now I'm actually off to bed, I promise I'll go to bed at 8pm tomorrow to make up for it Rebecca! 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nothing beats a cuddle.

Right now my boys are REALLY cuddly. Really, really cuddly. It's lovely.

When we were having our first son we discussed co-sleeping or him in a cot in our room, or him in his own room. We decided that he would sleep initially in a moses basket by our bed then go into his own room in a cot when he was big enough. He was so massive when he was a baby that he only slept in his moses basket until he was 8 weeks old - at which point he constantly woke himself up bashing against it when he moved and none of us got any sleep. 

At that point he moved into his own room. I'd put him down in there to sleep when we went to bed - before that he'd sleep on one of us or beside us in his bouncer until we went to bed (because we didn't want him to be on another floor, because we're soppy) then he'd wake a few hours later for a feed and usually I'd bring him into bed and he'd spend the rest of the night in there because his own room seemed so far away! 

By the time he was a year old he didn't wake for feeds so he'd go in his own room at bedtime - after a gajillion stories and cuddles and sing songs - and shout us in the morning to come through. He'd then get in our bed for a while whilst we woke up and have snuggles. 

When we had another baby we decided it would be similar - he'd sleep in a basket beside us (not, like, a laundry basket, that would be mean - a moses basket...if you needed me to clarify there you're a bit odd...or I am, for clarifying...) then he'd be moved to a cot. The cot would, however, be in our room because we've moved to a smaller place and there's no seperate room for him and I thought, since he was going to be waking in the night, it wouldn't be fair to put him in with the toddler where he'd be disturbed. He lasted more than 8 weeks in the moses basket because he was (a little) smaller - he was 3 weeks early - and we had a newer, bigger moses basket. The cot is at the end of our bed. 

He feeds and falls asleep at around 8pm. He will sleep for hours if he's on one of us, or on the sofa or armchair in the lounge, or on a pile of cushions, or a folded duvet, whatever - in his cot? No chance. 
So he stays in the room with us; if I put him in his cot when he first falls asleep he wakes up, gives me That Look and gets furious. If I wait until we go to bed and put him in his cot, he wakes up and gives me That Look and gets furious. If I sneak him in immediately after a feed he wakes up and gives me That Look and gets furious. I'm not sure why - he just seems to hate that cot! So he comes into bed with us and I co-sleep and cuddle him all night. 

This seems to have made him - and the older one - REALLY cuddly. Since we moved and big's room is nearer - and the sound proofing is AWFUL - he gets disturbed if we're moving around in the night and wants a cuddle - so he comes through too. 

This basically means that we spend a lot of every night with both kids in the room with us. Big goes back to his bed if we ask him to - he's great at it actually, and will go on his own, though he prefers to be taken and tucked in - but if I'm honest, we love it. We love that they want to be with us and cuddling us - so we don't put a lot of work into taking him back to bed.

I'm sure that we're "making a rod for our own back" and all that - but you know what? They're so little - SO little - and they LIKE cuddles. I like it. I love it. I love having one on each arm (though I sleep terribly like that and my arms go dead) and I like being woken by big stroking my face and telling me I'm a beautiful Mummy - or shouting "COCKADOODLEDOO MUMMY!" - I love the sleepy, blissful look on his face when he's curled up on his Daddy's chest in the mornings. I love that because they've had so much snuggle time all their life they're both cuddly boys.

I'm sure it's just part of their natural personality, being affectionate, but though I know Supernanny would be having Words with me having both kids in our bed (and often, as a result, hubby on the sofa by morning) but there's going to be a point when they don't want to - when they stay up later than I do, sleep in late, are embarrassed by me trying to hug them...they're so little, and whilst they're little I'm going to take every single sleepy cuddle that I can - even if it DOES mean I get elbowed in the face all night.