Saturday, 8 October 2011

Draw me a......

Jellybean has been getting more and more imaginative of late - he's started making up stories to tell me and songs to sing - and he brings his drawing pad to either his Daddy or me constantly to ask us to draw things for him; he likes it when we draw something without telling him what it is so he can guess before it's finished (something of a challenge with my drawing 'skills') - but his favourite is to tell us a story and get us to illustrate it as we go! 

This is a great game - but it can get a little complicated! 

An example from yesterday; "Mummy - draw me a ladder, and a paddling pool (ok - 'paggugging pool') and in the paddling pool draw me a sheep and climbing the ladder it is a tractor and a Lightning McQueen and in the house it is a lion and a piston cup" (house? You need me to add a HOUSE?) 

I was very proud of myself for managing to draw the requested for him - it was on his magnetic drawing pad thing - and I went to grab the camera with this post in mind - but he erased it all, and drew "A BIG BIG SCRIBBLE" on it instead! 

As well as inventing stories - which I love - he's got pretty good at memorising stories - his favourite this week is "Muffin and the Birthday Party" which he chose on our last trip to the library - he can literally recite the entire book word for word. If he'd had the book for ages and heard it every day it wouldn't be as surprising, I suppose - but he borrowed it less than two weeks ago and has been reciting it most of the last week! I don't think proud even begins to cover it - I'm going to take him out and sit him at a table with it and pretend he can read - it'll amuse me no end! 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Those boys of mine.

Now that I'm getting ready to go back to working full time - like a grown up - I'm thinking differently about my time with the boys. 

I've always made a conscious effort to dedicate chunks of day to simply playing, to going outside, to going to groups, to reading books and do doing messy things and educational things. I've also had to spend chunks of my day working whilst the boys sleep or entertain themselves, and to doing housework (BOOOOOOOOOORING) whilst they sleep or entertain themselves - it's been a lot of juggling and a lot of feeling guilty. 

Once I'm back at work I'll still have to do a lot of the things I've been doing - so when do I get to just enjoy being with them? Luckily the Nanny is going to be taking the boys to groups and on trips and things like that - and as I'm not going to be in the flat all day (and I'm by far the messiest person who lives here, if I'm honest - but shh, don't tell them I admitted it) the housework shouldn't take up as much time - the work I do from home is going to be halved and what I keep on will be done in the evenings when the boys are asleep. That means the couple of hours between getting home and their bedtime, and all day at the weekends, can be dedicated to pure indulgent fun. I'm really looking forward to it. 

The toddler, Jellybean, is SUCH a joy - he's a cheeky monster, but he's so much fun and so sharp and entertaining - if I'm not having to work as much in the time we're together I'll be able to enjoy all that much more. 
Baby Midget Gem is just the sunniest, happiest boy in the world - a really easy going baby. The older he gets, the more fun he is - he's starting to mimic sounds and faces that we pull, and his absolute favourite person is Jellybean - seeing them play together fills me to the brim with love. 

Part of me, now that it's real, is dreading going back to work - however much I've missed it in the last few years I'm lucky to have had the flexibility I've had to date, and the 9-5 is going to be very different to what we're used to. I know how lucky I am and hope that we all really do get the best out of the new situation.

Jellybean is excited about it all - he's excited that ALL DAY will be about playing and going places; I dedicate as much time as I can to those things - but he's had to learn to be pretty independent at times if I've got a deadline or a call to make. I just hope they don't prefer the Nanny to me! 

Golly - I feel like a grown up!

This week I have been offered a 'proper job' - a real life, full time, in an office, paying actual money job - being a freelancer is AMAZING and I've been loving every second - but I have to admit, the temptation of a real income and being paid for the time I put into my work is too tempting to pass up! 

Since the offer came in I've been in a mad flurry of trying to arrange child care, trying to get the house cleared of excess crap (HOW do we accumulate so much rubbish?! My charity shop addiction MAY be a contributing factor - but I just can't walk past them!) and trying to work out how to get a car so that I can actually GET to work and back. 
I spoke to a huge number of nurseries and childminders and spoke to some really lovely people - but because the boys are so close together and still so young it turns out that paying for both boys in either of those situations is far more than I'm going to be able to afford - taking into consideration the tax/NI/pension payments and the cost of running a car - so I looked at Nannies. I always thought they were an expensive, posh people option - but actually, because they only charge one rate whether it's one child or three or four, it appears that a Nanny is much cheaper - and much more flexible as she'll work around what we need and be able to take the children to the groups they're already used to, to do things with them that they already know, as well as introducing them to more activities and games that she knows. 

Overnight we've gone from being a one income family with a (vaguely useless at times) full time Mum who works from home around everything else and struggles to fit it all in - to a two income family with a Nanny! It feels very odd - but very exciting. 

In a few months we might even be in a position to FINALLY actually buy a house - you know, with a mortgage and stuff, like adults! I can't wait - this week we're opening a joint bank account (like married people) to pay all our bills and such from and getting everything prepared. 

Hubby-of-mine is even muttering about us getting a cleaner; this is, I suspect, less for the fact that he wants a cleaner and more because he knows me well enough to know that, with a Nanny AND a cleaner coming in the flat when we're out at work, I'm more likely to keep things tidy! I don't want them coming in and thinking (quite rightly) that I'm a revolting slob after all! 

So in preparation - this morning - I took the cushions off the sofa and vacuumed underneath. I cannot be the only person who needs a vacuum cleaner for the sofa. Cannot. It's still revolting. I'm going to have to get a throw so the (very beautiful) Nanny doesn't have to touch it with her actual body - roll on earning money and paying off debts, buying a house and getting new furniture! 

I really do feel like a grown up! (Fingers crossed I can fake it enough to fool everyone else!)