Friday, 18 November 2011

An interview with Jellybean

Today our lovely Nanny interviewed Jellybean to see how he thinks about things. It went a little like this...

1: Nanny K: What is your favourite thing in the world?
Jellybean: Roary! Brum brum!

2: Nanny K: What does Jellybean look like? 
Jellybean: Mummy and Daddy!

3: Nanny K: What does your Mummy look like?
Jellybean: Beautiful!

4: Nanny K: What does your Daddy look like?
Jellybean: Great! Is your Daddy great Nanny K?

5: Nanny K: Where is your favourite place?
Jellybean: House place. 

6: Nanny K: What do you like eating?
Jellybean: Some toast!

7: Nanny K: What does Nanny K like?
Jellybean: Being in this home!

8:Nanny K: What is your favourite thing to do?
Jellybean: Eating toast! 

Further proof, were it needed, that my toddler is the best ever.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A bedtime story.

I love kitsch. Love it. I love the naff, dated look of certain things - and it has led to many purchases some might call 'vintage', which my husband calls 'old shit' and which I tend to call treasure. 

One such item is this book. Look at it! It's just wonderous. 

It's one of those huge anthologies which gives a short story for every day of the year. 

I, being the person that I am, will read the 'right' story for the day when I read from it - my husband just picks one at random and reads it. (He's wrong - but that's a whole other post!) 

Who couldn't love that front cover, right?

 This image is from the back cover - I kind of like it, but I also think it's a leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettle bit freaky. Just a smidgen.

You can see from the next image that the book isn't originally English - it was written in Slovakia, illustrated by someone in Prague and published in Canada. (Obviously...)
 I decided that tonight's story from Daddy and Jellybean's bedtime cuddles had to be shared. 

It isn't from today's date - it's from April 1st. I would say, from the content, that it is intended to be some kind of April Fool - but it's actually a fair representation of how ALL the stories's SO twee and ridiculous! 

Tonight's story, ladies and gents, is called:

"The Twins make themselves useful"

 Milly and Molly the twins were as restless as a couple of frisky lambsm and Mother had her work cut out with them. One day, just as she was wondering how to keep them busy, she heard the pips on the radio, and the announcer's voice said it was time for Woman's Hour. 'That's an idea', thought Mother. 'It's time they learned a bit about housekeeping.' So she sat the pair of them down in front of the radio, and set off to do her shopping with a light heart. But no sooner had the door closed behind her, than the lady on the wireless said she was going to read out a recipe for a delicious pudding.

'Hurrah!' shouted Milly, reaching for her apron. Molly ran off to get all the ingredients ready, but instead of corn flakes she brought a packet of soap flakes. And when, in a little while, the lady said it was time for the washing tip of the week, things really started to go wrong. Before long the soap pudding was frothing away in the oven, while bits of gooey breakfast cereal were sloshing about in the washing machine with the clothes. Who knows what would have happened if the wind elf hadn't chanced to fly past, and knocked against the switch on the radio? A pity he didn't turn it off sooner, wasn't it?

Now, I don't know about you - but I think that is a VERY weird story. Jellybean seemed to enjoy it though! I wonder what drugs the writer was on when they wrote it...?

(Another NaBloPoMo UK post brought to you by me, thanks to my ridiculous charity shop habits)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Working Mum

Working full time is way different to the way I remember it.

I've always loved working, always thrown myself into working and usually worked longer hours than expected of me because I'm rubbish at delegating and always think it's easier to do something myself than explain to someone else how I want it to be done. 

This isn't because I'm best at everything (well, I am, but we'll pretend I don't think so for the sake of this blog) it's just because I'm really bad at accepting that there are other ways of doing things to my way.

Whilst this may seem like a major character flaw it makes taking on this new job really challenging - because part of the job is writing (well, a pretty BIG part of the job) both press releases and articles for the in house publication. 

The thing is, I've written for a long time - and in a very distinctive style that's very obviously my own; I may not always be grammatically correct and I have to ask how to spell duvet every time, but you can tell when I've written something if there's no name on it.

Now, though, my style is basically the opposite of what I write at work. Which makes it pretty interesting. I have to go against all my instincts to get something written and ready to go.

So far I've had a lot of guidance at work on getting things together - I hope that I'm taking on board all the advice and corrections. They're all done very nicely and supportively but I'm aware that it would make things a damn sight easier for other people in the office if I needed my hand held less and could remember people's names and job titles! 

I love it.

I love that it's challenging. It's not hard exactly - I know what to do and I'm beginning to be able to do things without needing every step spelled out before I do - I can answer enquiries, or pretend I can get the information for long enough to ask where to get it.

I love that it's not my usual thing, that it's different and new and that I have to think about it.

I love that it isn't mindless, or repetitive, or dull. 

I love all the people in my new job too - and I'm not just saying that because I think my new boss might read this (if she does though, hi!) but because it's the first job where I've felt that I fit in with everyone. 

There's nobody there that rubs me up the wrong way or comes across as a bit of a twat. 

The problem is, though, that there's ALWAYS that one person in every office that everyone tolerates rather than likes - and if I can't identify them, does that make it me?!

by the way, in case you were wondering, that mug up there comes from here and if you're struggling on what to get me for Christmas...I'm just sayin...

Monday, 14 November 2011

I'm so tired

I am not super woman.

I didn't wash up.

I didn't iron.

I didn't sweep and mop.

I didn't respond to my dozens of emails.

I didn't get the eBay listings up.

I didn't sign up for credit expert.

I didn't open a savings account - for me or the baby.

I didn't start knitting or sewing any Christmas presents.

I did go to work. I did bathe my babies. I did cuddle them both a lot. That's enough.