Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Growing up much too fast

When Jellybean was a very little baby - just a few weeks old - we bought him an amber teething necklace. I have no idea whether they work, I just know that other children in our regular groups had them and I didn't want them to think I was a bad Mummy for not getting him one, and I thought they were utterly adorable as figure if it did no harm why the heck not!?

I never took his necklace off. It was with us through first roll, first crawls teeth, learning to walk, talk, run, sing, dance, tell jokes, throw tantrums, potty train and turn three and start preschool.

The necklace came off once when Jellybean pulled on it and he was so little he didn't know the word for necklace - so cried that his shoulders were broken until we put it back on.

When Midget Gem was born we bought him a necklace too and did the same - put it on at a few weeks old and now, at 20 months, it's still there.

But Jellybean's? No. Not on. No longer worn. Last week he pulled on it again and the clasp broke. It has had a hairline crack in it for months from him fiddling with it and screwing and unscrewing it and doing it too tight - but it survived so much, and now it has broken.

He is three and a half. A big boy, growing more clever and more brilliant every day. I am always amazed by the things he says and does, what he can do.

I am so very proud of him, but also devastated that my tiny baby, that tiny little baby I put a tiny little necklace on to, is all gone and has turned into a big boy, who will never be my tiny baby again.

I will keep this necklace in his memory box, broken and worn. My precious little man wore it through everything.

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