Saturday, 10 November 2012

Jellybean's finest comedy moment

We had a wonderful day today. Not only did we finish our Christmas shopping (which is a miracle and a joy in itself) but we met up with some friends, had some lovely food and coffee at our favourite place, and played happily in the park before making the journey home.

We'd never been to this particular park before, though we've driven past a lot of times, so when we were wandering around with the smalls and the footballs we weren't overly concerned when Jellybean ran off ahead.

I was ambling along enjoying the slower paced company of Midget Gem watching happiness like this...Midget Gem does love footballs, and was happy to have bought a new one today, and played with some bigger boys in the park. It was his greatest day ever!
Daddytwo had gone ahead, following Jellybean who was just around the corner out of sight. Then I heard a yell - and saw him running - oh no, what's happened?!?!?! was this - of course! 

He had thrown his ball into the fountain (the fountain we didn't know was there - lesson learned, hazards EVERYWHERE!) and had stripped off his boots, trousers and pants (all in about five seconds of being out of view) and had one leg hooked over the side to follow it in! 

At least he'd thought to take his trousers off so they didn't get wet! 

Thankfully Daddytwo caught him before he actually climbed in - fountain paddling in November wouldn't be great for his body temperature! 

Still - it's a very pretty fountain!

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