Monday, 3 December 2012

A Jazztastic blog post

I seem to have done a lot of posts in recent times about Jellybean and his comedy moments, his naughty moments and his school work - but I thought it was time we had a post all about my Midget Gem, the little Jazzmonster who charms everyone we meet. 

This little poppet is a real ray of sunshine. He isn't as forward as his brother, but he's always got a smile, he's cuddly and affectionate and wants to hug and kiss all the time. He loves snuggles, loves his big brother, and likes to play with balls and soft toys. 

He carries around teddies and calls them his baby - he has no particular favourite, but instead loves ALL the babies, and likes to give them kisses and tell me all about them. 

He is a little flirt, and charms people everywhere we go by being a cheeky, smiling little boy, and blowing kisses. He lights up as soon as he sees a camera and, even if he's mid tantrum at the time, beams a big grin and shouts "Cheeeeeeeese".

He looks very like my big brother did when we were little - all big blue eyes and fair hair, with a smile for everyone. His personality is like his Daddy - happy, cheerful, friendly and affectionate, sensitive and kind. Actually, that's like my brother too! He's like a combination of all their best parts. He likes to check everyone is happy, and will give cuddles to anyone who looks like they aren't. He likes to shout 'I love you' in a sing-song way and gives big, sloppy smooches.

His favourite games are hide and seek or anything to do with balls -football, tennis, catch, so he's brilliant with our new puppy because the puppy will fetch his balls back and Midget Gem throws them as hard as he can. He's already better at football than his older brother (and his Daddy and I) and will be excited next year when his big uncle Paddy takes him to a proper football match. 

He gets shy and looks hilarious when he tries to avoid making eye contact but is peering up at you through his lashes trying to see if you're still teasing him, and he can throw SPECTACULAR tantrums - proper laid out on his front kicking his feet and banging his hands - and this is usually because of something like me saying no more biscuits or no more yogurts - he LOVES his food (which is why, with 22m difference, there's less than 2lb between him and his older brother I guess!) and if he gets tired it's like a switch from my angelic little poppet to a clumsy, shouting lump of muscle! 

He's just an absolute delight - he is great company, and very funny and gorgeous. I adore him madly, and am so pleased that he popped along as a little surprise. 

He was magically made on our wedding night, or on our honeymoon, and was born on Valentines day - and we joked that he was the love baby. His personality really backs that up though - he is just love, for everyone and everything. He makes everyone smile and nothing makes him happier than giving out another hug and blowing kisses, even to total strangers. 

I love my Midget Gem. 


  1. Awwww! He is gorgeousness inside and out!

    Can't believe how much he's grown in the last months. Treasure every moment!

    1. He is glorious, and a charming little man - but he is SO HUGE now!


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