Monday, 10 December 2012

Magpie Monday

I'm feeling horribly smug and proud of this week's Magpie Monday haul and thrilled that I can show off such a bunch of goodies at such an absolute BARGAIN. 

I have a love affair with our local dump recycling centre where the local town leave their amazing goodies which can be picked up for almost nothing. I blogged last week about our amazing big brown chair which turned out not to be such a bargain but this is a fresh new recycling centre and has fresh new pickings. 

So here is this week's fabulous finds. 

We fell in love with this bottle - it isn't usable (or maybe it is but I have no interest in trying to make it function - it's just for prettiness) and it's a local connection as we live just outside Sherborne so it's a wonderful piece of local memorabelia. I can't believe someone chucked it in the dump! 

I was thrilled with this footstool and chair (beautifully modelled by my gorgeous toddler and his 'babbit') each need a little TLC and I would love to re-upholster them both but for now a good clean has made them glorious - we're always trying to find somewhere comfortable to sit so this has made our lives a little nicer.

As has this equally wonderful - and practically brand new - chair, which admittedly is something like you'd find in an old people's home, but it's VERY comfortable and again could be reupholstered if I ever buy fabric and have a go! 

We also got this brilliant dog bed - they'd clearly thrown it away because their dog had chewed a little hole in the front, so I patched it, gave it a good hot wash and ta daa, good as new - now I just need to convince Duke to actually sleep in it and not on the cold floor! 

I also got a Christmas wreath which I'm going to play with before I post a picture - but again it's practically brand new! 

And all of this, all in, came to the princely sum of six whole English pounds! SIX POUNDS! I can't believe it - it was the best day ever of thrifting! 


What treasures have you found this week? Post your finds and link up over on Me and my shadow

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