Thursday, 26 January 2012

Here we go again with the F bomb!

A couple of nights ago Jellybean popped into our bed in the night, unnoticed by me, and snuggled down in between Daddytwo and I to sleep.

Some time later I rolled over and bumped him. Very politely, as if he were saying 'sorry' or 'excuse me' Jellybean quietly said "Oh! Can you f**k off please, Mummy?" 

I was so shocked - and horrified - he didn't say it aggressively, but I really dislike that he's heard it, and knows it, and used it. I firmly, but nicely, said that it was a nasty word that we don't use because it makes people sad - and he said "Oh, sorry!" then I said that instead of the F Bomb we say "excuse me" or even, if we're very cross, "move over please" - but never the f word. Yuck, F word, yuck! 

I think he understood - and he is very good normally because we do make a really conscious effort not to swear in front of him - but we're obviously slipping up more than I thought.

I like to think my husband supports me in most things - and in trying very hard not to swear he does well, but he does put things on TV that he forgets will have swear words in when the kids are still up (which I tell him off for) and he couldn't back me up right away in that situation in the bed, because he was trying not to laugh audibly. 

Some people think it's cute when small children swear, or funny, and I think when it's a real shock I probably do laugh on occasions - but not because I think it's hilarious, because I think it's shocking. 

I really don't like that he's learned that word - and that this isn't the first time he's said it; we're going to make a really concerted effort not to swear - clearly we haven't done well enough - and if we slip up I've told Jellybean he has to put me us the naughty corner! 

Have your kids sworn, or said something they really shouldn't? Were there witnesses? Tell me all about it - link up or comment! (Mum, Dad, that doesn't mean you - we all KNOW I was awful, and no doubt a real potty mouth - I blame the parents! ;-) haha!) 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Kadria skincare review

Since I stopped breastfeeding and got back on the pill I've had a full on teenager acne - I've been playing with all different skincare routines, creams, lotions, potions, make up, concealer, all sorts - and none one thing helped. I was still walking around looking like a spotty minger and feeling awful. The make up that I was wearing to try and hide the spots just slicked off on my awful skin by lunchtime and that made me even more self conscious.

So when I got a press release through from Kadria Skincare telling me all about their natural skincare range for pregnancy, women and baby I leapt at the chance to try it. 

I was sent samples of the baby balm, the belly balm, the baby body oil and, best of all, the balancing face oil.

Even the samples are super adorably cute and well packaged - they are in lovely, classy little jars and bottles and are quite old fashioned looking which makes me really happy.

The smell - cocoa butter and a glorious mix of many others - is just wonderful.

I tried out the baby balm on a grouchy baby with trapped wind that evening. He seemed to really calm down - partly from being massaged and the trapped wind being shifted, but I think the smell of the oil and it warming as I massaged his belly really helped to calm him. 

I'm a big fan of baby massage anyway, but I've never really liked baby oil or the really artificial smell it has - this is very different, all natural ingredients and all wonderfully scented! 

The baby oil was tried on Jellybean because he didn't want to be left out of the massage routine. This one smells more relaxing - lavender is the most easily identified scent but there are other, very soothing scents mixed in too - and it's just beautiful to massage into my boy and watch him relax and feel ready for his bed. 

The belly balm I didn't really massage into my belly - I've kind of given that up as a lost cause - but I recently had a day of extreme bleaching (hormones, gotta love them) and my hands were cracked, dry, sore and flaking - so I've been massaging this oil in a few times a day as I've been pottering around. Not only does it, as with the others, smell incredible it really helped my hands to heal - and didn't sting, which all the other products I'd tried on them had done. I don't know whether it will prevent or heal stretch marks because I'm of the opinion that nothing helps with that - you either get them or you don't, and they fade with time - but calming irritated skin? Yep - it does that - very well. 
Because the product is all natural it doesn't sting or irritate, which a lot of products do for me because I'm a sensitive soul. The kids are enjoying their massages and the little routine we have going of massage after bath time.

Last - and best of all - I have been using the balancing face oil.

I didn't for one second think that rubbing oil onto my face was going to help with my greasy skin and spotty outbreaks - but you want to hear a miracle? It's totally worked! It feels really strange rubbing oil onto my face but the blurb tells me that the olive oil base is similar to my skin's own oils - and the palmarosa and rose geranium essential oils help to control sebum production, meaning that my hormonal skin has calmed right down - and the dry patches on my cheeks have eased up! 

It's like magic in a bottle - delicious scented, wonderful magic oil that has cured my awful face and made my skin glow - it's amazing, and it smells amazing - and whenever I've used any of the products my husband comes into the room beaming and telling me how good we all smell, and for him to notice and comment each time is further proof that Kadria have got it right! 

You can get your skin on some Kadria Skincare from their website and prices start at £15 - which is an absolute bargain because they are lasting and lasting and I only got sample sizes - and considering the amount and quality of the natural products that you're getting in them I think you're getting your money's worth! 

If you know someone pregnant, or who has recently had a baby - or even someone whose babies are great big lanky teens now - these are GREAT presents to give. Real pampering in a jar that lifts moods, soothes nerves, beautifies skin and feels like a real treat. 

#Disclaimer# I was sent samples of the range to review - they didn't pay me to be nice, I'm just a real fan of the products and will be purchasing replacements when they do run out!