Monday, 20 February 2012

Why does that make him cry?!

Today in the car we listened to a new CD, one of the songs on which was "mockingbird" - as in "Hush little baby" etc. 

When Jellybean was little I used to sing that song to him every night as I was cuddling him up before bed. When I went into hospital to have Midget Gem I called home in time to speak to Jellybean before bed and he cried when he heard my voice because he was missing me - so I sang that song to him down the phone, thinking it would comfort him.

It had COMPLETELY the opposite effect and he cried even harder, totally inconsolably and we had to hang up so that his Daddy could look after him and calm him down. 

Since then if I've ever sung the song he's wailed - literally wailed - and told me it isn't bed time, or that it makes him sad, or that it makes him miss me!

The song on the CD had the same effect in the car today - he was just devastated. He cried, and told me that I used to sing it to him when we lived in our old house (we moved in April last year so he has a good memory considering the time that has passed and the fact he isn't even three yet!) and that the song made him sad and scared!

I turned it off, then he asked me to sing it to him so I did, but that made him cry even more, so I stopped the car and got out to cuddle and comfort him.

I managed to calm him down and get him talking about his day and we finished our journey but as we arrived home he started to cry again and talk about the sad song, and then told me he was scared of the monsters!

I have no idea why it upsets him so much - but I know one thing for sure - we're never listening to the new CD again and we're never, ever singing that song - poor boy!
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