Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Name dropping

This week for work I got to go to an event to celebrate restoration work done on a local monument and Princess Anne came to unveil a plaque.

Life is pretty good when your job is meeting lovely people who are excited to have done something as a community, bringing together young and old, rejuvenating something with fascinating history.

I got to spend a day with lots of interesting people, taking pictures, interviewing all kinds of people who had lots of things of great interest to tell me, and feeling very proud to be part of Dorset.

Then Princess Anne came in her big shiny helicopter - and I can't even begin to pretend that I wasn't really excited. I love the Royal Family - the actual family, not the awful TV show, and I was really excited to be at an event where I got to be so close to her and listen to her enthusiasm for what she was doing.

Though the history of the monument was interesting HRH was more pleased with the work done by volunteers, hard physical work that took real dedication and passion - and she made a point of saying how impressed she was by the community spirit - and I really warmed to her when she cracked a few jokes and was very kind to the lovely man who had chaired the group in charge of the restoration project.

Not every day at work is like that - but this was one I'll remember for a long time and I'll be that person saying "I let her once" whenever The Princess Royal is in the news!

I did get better pictures on my real camera - but the computer has died a death so I'm posting my iPhone snaps!

Monday, 12 March 2012

A busy few days

The last few days have been really busy here - we somehow managed to fit a crazy amount of things into a few short days and now I'm absolutely shattered and really craving a nice glass of wine - but I've also decided I'm dieting and am not going to drink wine until the weekend. Sigh. Of course I would decide that on a day when I really WANT WINE!

My car needs its MOT soon and though it seems very reliable to drive from place to place in there was a little bit of work that needed to be done on the bodywork. By a little bit of work I mean there were bloody great big massive holes rusted right through it in a number of places and they were pretty lethal so needed to be dealt with!

This is a picture of one of the holes before we started to work on it. As you can see it needed a little TLC!

There was a little more metal in that hole initially - some kind passer by had generously stuck blobs of chewed gum into the gaps and in trying to pull the gum out there was, um, an incident - and this was the result! 

So hubby of wonder got some bit and bobs and we set to. We gaffa taped some wire mesh inside the hole and then got some glass fibre filler - a magical brightly coloured goo that is magnificent to play with! 

I filled the hole, I half heartedly sanded the filler once it was dry, then I sprayed it with the pretty paint that was the colour my car was 19 years ago before the sun had its wicked way on the shade! 

This is how my car now looks!

We patched up about a gajillion other wee holes (and not so wee) too and now my car looks horribly respectable. So I bought a pink, fluffy steering wheel cover. Like you do. 

We also hired a carpet cleaner and cleaned all the carpets in the flat, started prepping the flat for the big move, took Jellybean to football practice, did a full big shop, cleaned the entire flat, did seven thousand loads of laundry, rearranged furniture, taught Jellybean how to sing "Old Macdonald" properly, made videos of the boys and I wrote and submitted 12 freelance articles that were running close to being overdue because of the flu I had a couple of weeks back!

I am TIRED. 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Saturday is caption day! (shhhhhhhhhhhh)

Ok - so I KNOW it's Sunday, but yesterday I fell asleep before I had chance to post this and it's WAY too good to not post! 

Caption this up, you KNOW you want to!

You can join in with Saturday is caption day on Mamasaurus' blog - which is a ruddy good read and bloody hilarious - and you totes should because it's a never ending source of hilarity and you'll find a gajillion new blogs to read.


Hands Up!

A few months back I interviewed the super lovely Justin Fletcher (I know, I kept it quiet, I definitely didn't show off about it ALL THE TIME to anyone who would listen, you probably missed it...) and this week I had the chance to do it again! 

I know, how lucky am I?!

This time it was to talk about his new album - Hands Up - which is bloody excellent, might I say!

The title track was released as a single last year and is a really poppy, dancy track that Justin plays on his tour - and he said when we spoke that it's always a hit, and gets the kids up dancing.

Going by the hyper booty shaking that was happening all over our flat I can well believe it - the song, and the rest of the album, got all of us on our feet and boogying together.

My favourite track on the album is track 2 - the Hokey Cokey - teaching Jellybean to put his left arm in, left arm out, left arm in and shake it all about had me in fits of laughter - he looked very confused the first time but soon got the hang of it! 

We have another album from Justin, a nursery rhymes album, and though the kids love it it isn't really one you can get up and dance to. It's saved my sanity on many a long car journey - but this whole album is something we can get up and really dance to, which on a rainy day when the boys are going insane with the energy bubbling up inside them is brilliant.

For parties, for weekends, for rainy days or just because, I think this album is going to be a favourite for a long time - and watching Midget Gem try to copy Jellybean as he does the moves for Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes (track 7) will never cease to amuse me!

Talking to Justin it was clear, once again, how excited he is by his job. He seems very genuine and open, and when he's doing an interview on the phone he's bubbly and happy, but also has no 'superstar' aloofness, he's just open and friendly and fun - and a real person. 

After 17 years in children's TV Justin could be forgiven for letting his sparkle fade at times - but he seems to have a never ending supply of excitement about his work and genuinely loves working with children.

With a tour, panto and all kinds of TV work this year Justin is like superman - he never seems to have an off day and never seems to want one.

I'm planning to try and find our way along to one of the tour dates to meet Justin this year, I know I desperately want to meet the man I've now chatted to on the phone twice, and I'm pretty sure my kids would be thrilled too!

I was sent a copy of 'Hands Up' the album by the lovely Louise at Rock and Roll Baby and wasn't otherwise bribed in any way to give it a positive review - we genuinely loved it and have played it loads since it arrived.