Thursday, 3 May 2012


This morning I dropped off two happy boys at nursery. They love their nursery and so far so do we - the staff are lovely and the boys seem to really enjoy their time there and have good relationships with their dedicated nursery ladies.

This morning we arrived to see a police car outside and all the children were being gathered in the outlaying rooms not the main building, where my boys are usually entertained.

Some time over night the nursery was burgled. The safe was taken, the office ransacked and files rummaged through, I presume, for bank details.

I am furious, and sad. I know that brig criminals means they do criminal things, moral behaviour being low on the list, but burgling a nursery is breathtakingly low.

It meant that the registers couldn't be printed so signing our children in was a case of writing their name down and signing. It means access to records about health issues and emergency contact details isn't really a possibility for the staff - much has been taken, the computer is unusable and the remains of the filing cabinets are evidence.

I hope the people who committed this baffling and awful burglary are caught and that the nursery suffer no long term problems as a result.

In the meantime Jellybean got to see a real police car up close and was immediately on his best behaviour so they didn't take him away!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Today, this happened.

Jellybean has started to improve with cleanliness. He occasionally picks up his toys without being nagged (repeatedly) and he likes to help clear the table and wash his hands after a meal. (He isn't always keen on washing them BEFORE a meal, but we're getting there!)

Today, for lunch, he had noodles. This is always a messy affair - first he must hand pick all the veg out of the noodles and eat them - then he tries to eat the noodles with a fork but will generally give up and, even at the grand old, recently achieved age of three, cram them in by the fistful. 

I'm ok with that - table manners are for adults, and if he's eating and enjoying it so far that's what matters to me. It gets a bit messy, but it's just mess, it cleans up - and he is a super little helper!

So he ate his noodles, then he climbed down under the table ("Please I can get down now, Mummy?") and he picked up all the noodles he and Midget Gem had dropped and popped them into a bowl, then he said he was going to wash his hands. I said I'd help him in a minute, once I'd put the plates in the dishwasher.

Off he toddled into the bathroom, and then appeared happily a few minutes later with damp hands and a big, proud grin. 

"I have cleaned myself all up, Mummy!"

"How did you reach the taps without my help darling?"

"Oh, I didn't - I couldn't reach, so I had a wash in the toilet. Can I have a yogurt?"