Sunday, 20 May 2012

Stacking tower of wonder

As you saw a couple of days ago I was sent two toys to review by the wonderful Monkey Puzzle Toys and I decided it was best to give the toys a review each rather than doing a rush job in one post.  

The first toy was the glorious sticky rocket (as it is now forever known!) which has been a huge hit with both boys, though it was chosen for Jellybean.

The second toy I chose for Midget Gem - but once again it's a hit with both boys! 

The Djeco stacking cubes were our other choice. Stacking towers are a fairly standard toy for little ones - we've all had some kind of stacking cups or towers, they do so like to knock towers over and put things inside other things, so they're always popular gifts.  

Though we've had other styles of stacking towers I picked this for a couple of reasons - one, it's the kind of thing I would pick for a gift and the picture looked pretty, and two, it's made of cardboard and I wanted to see if it could withstand two rough and tumble boys! 

It can! When it arrived it was far more substantial than I'd expected and it doesn't feel flimsy or lightweight - the cubes are actually pretty big and are very well made. 

I immediately handed them over to the kids and, as anticipated, bash crash bang boom immediately followed! They stacked, smashed, kicked, punched,threw and bashed them - and they still look immaculate! 

The pictures on the cubes are lovely - I particularly like the tree that grows the full height of the tower from brick to brick, with a different animal in the branches on each block. They have the tree, an animal, numbers with pictures of fruit to count, and then a little family of animal on the final side.

As you can see in the pictures the tower is very tall - taller than both my children, so it makes for some very exciting demolitions! 

I honestly didn't expect that this toy would be as good as the sticky rocket - but it's given the boys (and I) just as much fun and laughter, and we've counted the fruit, made the animal noises for each cube (well, Jellybean and I did - Midget Gem just insists all animals say "RAR!") and practiced balancing things! 

I thought the blocks wouldn't hold up to the abuse of my particularly boisterous boys - but honestly they don't have a mark on them (apart from a little smear of butter - shh!) and I've scrutinised them to find the weak spot where the join will give and tear - and nothing. They are as rigid as if they were made of wood, but light and bright and colourful.

The pictures that decorate the tower are just the kind of whimsical cartoon image I love - and the boys love to point out the animals to me and talk about them so there's lots of scope for playing quietly as well as building and DESTROYING the giant tower! 

All in all another big hit - Monkey Puzzle Toys really do stock great quality toys that can really be played with, at great prices. The Djeco stacking cubes are just £11.99 which is an absolute bargain for a very good quality, very robust toy that children will get hours of fun from!

Disclaimer; I was sent this toy and the rocket for free to review - I have been entirely honest and balanced and have tried to point out any negatives as well as positives - I just couldn't find any!