Tuesday, 29 May 2012

This is what cute looks like

Today Daddy was in bed poorly and fast asleep when we got home - Jellybean had fallen asleep in the car and wasn't for waking up so I popped him straight into bed with Daddy for some snuggling (because that makes everything better) and that left Midget Gem and I some lovely one on one time. He was brilliant company and helped me clean the kitchen - sweeping up is his favourite (and helping is a term I use very loosely!) 

After that we sat up at the table for some dinner, and I put the radio on to keep us entertained. Midget Gem LOVES music and will always have a little sing and dance when he hears music playing - even if he's shattered and strapped into his booster seat at the table! 

This is what cute looks like :-)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summer, actually

I've never been a fan of summer. I've never been a sun worshipper, I've never been a tanner, I've never liked the heat, I've never seen the point.

This year I think I must be happier than I've ever been before. I think I must have shaken off some deep seated angst and seen summer for what it is.

The world is alive. The whole world. Everything is bright, and colourful, and vibrant. Everything is beautiful and warm and fun and happy. Children burst with joy in the summer. They fill every available second of every single day with energy and laughter and play. They LOVE summer.

Moving to the new house and giving the boys a safe, enclosed garden and lots of fresh air is wonderful - all day when we're home they play outside. In the morning on weekdays they want to eat breakfast outside and play before we set off to nursery and when we get home they want to be out there some more, even when they've spent almost the entire day at nursery in the garden.

The air is fresh and clean and (though I'm currently fighting HORRIBLE hayfever) it is filled with the smells of flowers and petals from blossom trees blowing around us. 

The sky is bright and colourful and clean - and everything the light touches feels the same.

Including me.

I feel like this light has brought me back to life with it. Like all the dirt and worry and woe and stress of my old life has gone, has blown off and melted in the sun, and I feel beautiful and happy and love. I love everything. Not everything in our life is perfect, but it's perfect enough, and the parts that aren't are just there to highlight the parts that are.

Most importantly my babies are happy. All day, every day they are happy. They are safe, and loved, and cared for - and they don't worry or need anything - they are happy. They have fun, they laugh, they play, they dance and sing and run - they are so happy. 

I am happy.