Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Oh my, the W.I!

In April we moved from the middle of town to the middle of nowhere (which is glorious) in an area of countryside where there are posters campaigning for the return of foxhunting, where everyone drives BMW 4x4s and where it's unusual not to have a double barrelled name.

Knowing we're likely to be here for some years (Jellybean will be starting at pre-school in September so we want to stay in one place whilst they do school, and the schools around here are good) I wanted to start getting involved in various things in the village close by and get to know our neighbours and local folk.

So when my fabulous next door neighbour (who shares a mad passion for charity shops with me) asked if I wanted to come along to the W.I. meeting last night I jumped at the chance! 

I know - lots of you are laughing - apparently I don't seem like the W.I. type - but I tell you what, I like singing Jerusalem (which I didn't get to do) I like cake, I like strange talks about subjects I have no real interest in, I like being  bossy and I like being involved in things people don't expect me to want to be involved in.

Last night was smashing! 

We had a talk from a dairy farmer, who farms differently to the traditional method and rather than calving all year they just calf in the spring and their cows get Christmas off as a holiday! I now know more about dairy farming than I ever thought I would need to.
Image source 

I enjoyed the other aspects more - the competition of the month had been to draw a picture, but only one person entered - so that amused me. The correspondence that was read out was really interesting, and I liked the discussions about the various projects that we (we!) are involved in - particularly the debate about which tree to plant in the village - it's amazing how strong opinions can be about a tree. 

I was thrilled to win a prize in the raffle - and amused everyone by opting for the costume jewellery because it was SO SHINY and repeatedly being openly excited about the shiny thing.

I got some great advice from locals about which schools are the best option for Jellybean to go to (if we can get in) and I got to meet lots of lovely women who live locally and really care about living locally - and I got some other social events booked into my diary. 

Next month I get to do competitive baking - I hope I don't win, my lovely next door would never forgive me! 

Monday, 18 June 2012

Getting excited

On Friday I will be in London - I will be surrounded by 500 other bloggers, getting a mountain of information and stimulation thrown at me. I will be talking and laughing and sharing and thinking. 

I will be meeting up with friends, I will be hugging people I only know online, I will be licking people in the face with excitement (you know who you are) and I will be entirely hyper. 

I am horribly excited - I love London, I love people, I love working and that this is a fun way to create work for myself. I love what I do, and the people I do it with.

I cannot wait until Friday - Britmums Live is a HUGE conference and there are SO MANY people there to speak to, and such a massive amount to take in when I'm there. 

I went to the Cybher conference last month, and to Cybermummy last year - and they were amazing, but I am even more excited about this conference. This time I am staying over - this time I am getting even more involved. This time I am sharing a room with MotherScuffer (and possibly even a bed) and I am going to eat food and drink wine with people I love.

I am touching Cherry Healey in the flesh, I am licking MotherVenting and SAHDandproud on the cheeks, I am squeezing Mumonthebrink's tiny tiny tiny baby, I am so excited. I am so lucky to have these friends, I am so looking forward to seeing them, and I am so excited about all the talks and discussions and information I will absorb.

Bring it on!