Friday, 3 August 2012

My little Olympian

I’m so proud of my little athlete

Yesterday we collected Jellybean from nursery and he was very, very proudly wearing a big bronze (cardboard) medal around his neck. 

We whooped, we cheered, we clapped and jumped up and down and told him how very, very proud we are – a bronze medal, third place, what a clever sausage! 

What was the event? 

“I did the egg and spoon race Mummy, and I did come three!” 

Such a proud Mummy, what a super little athlete!

How many people were in the race?

“Three Mummy! And I was the three winner! I dropped my egg – and it BROKE!” 

Never before have I ever been prouder. Not only did my little man win a bronze medal in his first ever sports day, he was over the moon and thoroughly enjoyed participating – and doesn’t care that he actually came last, or that he broke his egg and had to finish with just a spoon, or that he wasn’t the ‘first winner’.

I want to encourage this FOREVER. 

I want him to love sport, love racing, love participating, love the fun and camaraderie of events like that with his friends, with none of the pressure to feel he’s failed if he doesn’t win, or to miss the funny side when things like dropping your egg happen.

I am so, so proud of my bronze medallist. He is amazing. 

Monday, 30 July 2012


 In April 2009 I had a baby - a teeny, tiny baby (well, ok, a huge big fat one) and I wondered how he would grow - who he would be, what he would like, whether he would be like me, whether he would LIKE me, and couldn't believe that, like other children around me, like I had before, he would grow.

Now look at him.

He can ride a bike, he can run and sing, he can dance and skip. He makes friends, tells jokes, plays tricks. He makes me laugh my head off, he makes me so proud I ache with it. He drives me round the bend, pushes my buttons, then gives me a cheeky smile and tells me he loves me, or tells a joke, and melts me. 

He is so incredible, and I can't really believe that I made him from scratch, he is just the best three year old there ever was.

And as if that wasn't enough to make my life pretty awesome, there's this little dude too - cheeky, charming, chipper - he is a ray of sunshine, who charms everyone he meets with his funny little expressions and laughter - who never, ever has a day without snot all over his face, who won't go anywhere without a hug and a kiss for his favourite person, his big brother. 

They are amazing.