Friday, 24 August 2012

Being Mummy

The boys have been doing a lot of role playing games recently - and the each have their favourite ways to do it. 

Generally, Jellybean will put my bag over his shoulder and head out the door saying "I am going off to work now, you all be good, I see you later!" then a couple of minutes later he'll come back in, sigh heavily and say "I have had a good day at work but I did miss you!"

Midget Gem isn't much with the speaking yet - but he seems to have something of a shoe fetish, and steals shoes from the shelf as often as he can and will walk around the house in them. He will steal anyone's shoes, but seems to like mine best - particularly the heels. 

Today, after dinner, they both ran off giggling and came back with no trousers, and a collection of my shoes to model. 

Being Mummy is a GREAT game!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

A picture post

A little beach, a little moment, a little happiness with my little family

Cycling? Why not!

We have been making a concerted effort to get healthier and, thinking back to our honeymoon when we hired bikes to explore Cornwall, we thought it would be fun to get a trailer for a bike (and a bike) and go for family bike rides. 

With the Olympic buzz in the air and lots of beautiful, safe places to cycle in the area - and a bargain I couldn't walk away from - we got a bike on ebay and a trailer from someone at work for £50 all in. Bargain! 

We have been out twice with the trailer on the bike and I've used it as a pushchair to push both boys around together and carry a picnic for a family day out - both boys like to walk, particularly Jellybean as he's actually rather a big boy now and doesn't need a pushchair, but Midget Gem gets tired quickly over long distances - and the trailer is such fun for them to climb in and out of and take in the scenery! 

If you're looking for family friendly activity to get fitter and get the children outside more I definitely recommend getting a bike and a trailer - just remember to ride safely and wear a helmet - that goes for the kids too! 

(they aren't wearing helmets in the pictures because we had stopped - taking pictures whilst riding of them behind me would have been a bit dangerous too!) 

Also - if your husband buys your kids a HORN to honk from the trailer, tragic horn related accidents are allowed. Additionally, I hid that caramac behind the seats but my kids are wiley and can smell out sweets ANYWHERE!