Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Time flies!

In October last year I started working full time after getting a temporary contract - initially for six months, to cover maternity leave. 

That was extended a couple of times after a re-jig internally, then it was agreed that when the girl I was covering for came back she wanted part time hours, so we would job share. 

When it was all agreed it seemed forever away - but all of a sudden it's next week, and I'm not going to be working full time in an office any more, but instead will just be doing Tuesday and Wednesdays and going back to finding freelance work for the rest of my time, should I want more cash! 

Well that was quick! 

How on earth did it get to almost September already?! 

A few weeks ago I began to panic a little about work - thinking 'how am I going to survive, after being in work full time, on just 14 hours a week at work - what am I going to do?' partly panicking that I wouldn't be able to give the boys a good enough time, partly panicking that I would miss working - because I love what I do. 

It turned out though, as these things so often do, that I'm not going to have to worry. I've got some more work lined up, which I can do in the evenings and at weekends, meaning I get to spend my days with the boys doing trips to groups, activities, romping around the countryside, having jolly good fun and making a mess - and then earn some pennies once they're asleep doing something I love madly. 

I'm going to be working with some incredibly talented women, who are writing a musical, and helping to find them some funding and promoting their show and we'll be in Edinburgh next year at the Fringe festival. That's pretty exciting - and I can't wait now for everything to start! 

I've also lined up some writing work, which is rather exciting - and it seems things are all working out for the best around work/life balance thanks to some brilliant people and some hard slog. 

Here's to the next stage, and fingers crossed the balancing act works out so that I get more time with my gorgeous boys AND the chance to work on some brilliant projects, with some brilliant people! 

Man I'm lucky!