Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Am I really busy?

Those who follow me on twitter will know that my user name is Eliza_Do_Lots - a name suggested by my friend Mumonthebrink. I had a chat with a colleague at work today and said I was thinking about getting a dog and she laughed because I already have so much on my plate that taking on a dog as well would make me a little mad.

Other people have said recently that they don't know how I fit everything in.


I find that really hard to get my head around. I like the name Eliza Do lots because it's a play on words and a cultural reference that amused me, which includes my name - so I took it.

However, I don't think I do all that much. There are some weeks where I feel like I'm quite busy but overall I generally feel like I'm quite lazy. Like I don't achieve many of the things I aim to, and that I am often playing catch up and trying to take more things on so that people don't notice how lazy I am!


I have a job - that was full time and is now part time. Because it is part time I've been lining up freelance work for a while to fill the gaps financially. I have two children and a home to keep on top of, and give my boys as much time as is possible outside of work and make sure we do things together as much as we can so that they aren't just sitting at home getting bored.


I have this blog, another blog, and a third website which I am now back in charge of after the wonderful Ben Wakeling took the reigns for a number of months (for which I am so hugely grateful!) And at the moment I have three freelance projects lined up that should give me a few months of work.


I don't think that's much. I think that I get so much help from my husband and that the things I do are so much fun that it doesn't feel, often, like work.

I don't spend much time relaxing - just sitting and watching tv or reading - because I don't really feel like those are good uses of my time, and always there is the concern that if someone sees me doing nothing like that they'll realise what a lazy cow I really am!

How much is a lot? How many things do others do in a day? I know there are a great many people around who do, achieve, apply themselves to far more in a day than I do - and I am trying to find a balance that means the boys get a great lifestyle and learn about work ethic and goals and dreams - but am I letting them down?

I worry constantly that I'm doing it wrong - I think we all do - and I don't want to do it wrong and let them down - and I know I need to work to pay bills and give them certain things they wouldn't otherwise get (including a sane Mum) but do I need to take on more, or let some things go? Do I need more time at home, or anther job?


Essentially, am I a do lots - or a fake? Am I lazy, or overwhelmed? I don't know where I fall and I'm not sure where to go from here!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Every day Jellybean goes to nursery - which is two days a week - he tells me that he hasn't played with anyone, that he doesn't know anybody's names, that he has no friends.


I find that kind of hard to believe, because he's such a friendly, happy boy - but he says it a lot so I can't help but worry that maybe it's true.


I wasn't exactly popular at school, always finding it quite hard to understand social situations and make friends with the more popular kids. I had a small circle of friends, the quiet kids, and never really understood the games or hierarchy of the playground.


Because I was bullied and a bit miserable at school, I worry that the same will happen to my babies.

So today, not for the first time, I asked one of the staff at the nursery how Jellybean fits in. I told her he always says he has no friends and plays alone.


She looked astonished, and laughed. "Really!? He's one of the most popular children here! He plays with everybody! Mostly the boys, particularly outside, but everyone likes Jellybean, he's everyone's friend!"


She went on to tell me how he fits in the little circles and groups that have formed, how well he plays with others one to one and in bigger groups, that everyone wants him to join in their games, and I almost burst with pride.


I know he loves his pre-school group at the nursery they attend, and is always happy to go and loves the staff, but the more I asked the more he insisted he plays alone.


Now I know that actually he just can't be bothered to have a conversation with me about his day, because he's too tired from filling it with fun with all his little friends!


I am such a proud Mummy!




Sunday, 2 September 2012

Ollie the little white van DVD

We were lucky enough to be sent, some time ago, a DVD of the hit show Ollie the little white van.
We've been involved in reviewing and enjoying the show since it was launched, and I was lucky enough to interview Justin Fletcher - the voice of Ollie - which has left me feeling like it's OUR cartoon, and luckily the boys ate big fans so I get to see it quite often!
The DVD showed a number of episodes from the second series and, at just five minutes an episode, is a perfect few minutes entertainment for the children when I want them to sit calmly for a little while.

Jellybean chose this DVD to take on a recent visit to see Nana Sue, and it was a hit with Nana too, who watched the DVD right through even though the boys had wandered off!

The show has gorgeous short stories about the lovely, helpful Ollie, his friends and driver and the community they live in.

I'm not usually into twee things and was worried too much of this show would become twee and saccharine - but they have managed to avoid that with clever writing, charming animation and just a little smidgen of mischief in the main characters.

Jellybean's favourite episode tells of a race where the vans compete to get a band to their gig - and I rather like the treasure hunt one because it led to the boys doing a treasure hunt around the house and garden.

If you haven't seen Ollie it's shown on ITV and there will soon be a collection of toys to accompany the show - and I know what will be on our Christmas list - and probably Nana Sue's too!

We were sent the DVD for free to review but like it very much and it's requested regularly by Jellybean who would certainly say if he thought it was rubbish.

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