Thursday, 13 September 2012

Puff puff puff

One of my happy memories from childhood is visiting my Grandparents. My brother would share a bedroom with our uncle (who is 15 years younger than my Poppa) and I would sleep on a camp bed in Mama and Grampa's room. I was allowed to clean my teeth in their bedroom sink and read Jackie and Bunty annuals until I fell asleep WITH THE LIGHT STILL ON.

I would spend the day dressing up in Mama's old dresses and picking fruit and mint leaves to eat directly from the garden, and scrounging celery from a pot of water in the kitchen and making posies from flowers Mama grew.

The hightlight, though, was bath time. The bath was a mini one, that a grown adult couldn't lie down in, and had a tray across the middle with interesting sponges and a pumice stone on it. I never understood what the magic floating stone was for.

Mama would wash us then drain the bath and rub us down with a flannel before we got out so that we didn't get the towels too wet. Then I would sit on the loo on a towel whilst Mama dug out her special talc with the powder puff in the pink sparkly tub, with the special ribbon loop that you popped your finger through to puff the powder on. As she powdered me we would say "puff puff puff puff puff".

Then my brother would be liberally applied with my Grampa's talc without a puffy thing. He smelled like a grown up and I smelled like flowers, and often sparkled.

When I had my own children talc was one of the things I most looked forward to, to creating those same memories and happy times. After a bath I lie the boys on a towel and they have to squeeze their eyes tight closed whilst I throw talc all over them and we all shout "puff puff puff puff puff!" then I rub it in and then they rub it in! It makes them silky soft and smell of baby, and we all love that few minutes.


This weekend at their own Nana's house we threw puff puff all over them after their bath - but then I left it where they could reach. ERROR - ERROR - ERROR!!!


Jellybean went to the bathroom to use his potty - but whilst he was in there he threw the ENTIRE tub of talc all over the bathroom. All over. The whole tub.

As he was dragged away to stop him making it worse Midget Gem snuck in behind Daddy's back and tipped up the potty. The one that was full. Of wee AND poo. Then he rubbed it in.

He made a paste all over the floor of the mixture and smeared it all over himself.

I am SO glad their Dad was in charge of that particular clean up!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Bed time

This weekend we went to visit my lovely mother in law and collected the top bunk for the boys' bedroom.

The beds for our little monsters are the ones that my husband and his big sister had when they were children - thirty year old bunk beds which are infinitely greater than anything we might be able to afford from ikea.

The plan is to leave Jellybean in the big boy bed and move him up to the top bunk when Midget Gem is ready for the bottom bunk. First we need to get one of those thingies that clip on to the side to stop him rolling out (all I can think about is that my brother rolled out and broke his collar bone when we first got a bunk bed!) then we can take down the cot bed, pop it into the playroom in its other guise as a sofa (!) and sob uncontrollably for a while as I realise that my babies are growing up and never going to be babies again.

To help prepare Midget Gem for his move to the big boy bed we took the side off his cot-bed today, making it just a bed (weep) and Jellybean is in the bottom bunk.

To celebrate these momentous occasions we got the boys some super duper new pirate pyjamas and I had a little cry. Ok, a big cry. Then casually mentioned I wanted another baby, and was offered a puppy, which isn't the same.

I am so proud of my big, growing up boys. They are magical. I am a proud, happy, and crazy about them - but can someone show me how we slow this down please!?