Friday, 19 October 2012

Happy birthday

Today is my wonderful husband's 31st birthday.

Last year for his 30th birthday we went for a spa weekend to Ragdale Hall spa, which was just incredible. This year I hoped I could spoil him rotten - which is what he did for me last month on my own birthday. Instead I have given him a small pile of small gifts and the promise of a take away curry tonight.

My husband, I often feel, deserves more than I give him. More gifts, more kindness, more patience, just more.

He has given me a family, all of my very own, he has given me hope for a magical life, he has given me joy and love, unconditionally, and he has given me himself, entirely. I am so lucky to have him and wish I could give him all that I feel he gives me.

If I could wrap the moon and stars and present them to him and our children to keep all to themselves I would do it in a flash - if I could whip away all the darkness and pain in the world to keep them happy always I would in an instant.

I can't do those things. All I can do is my best to show them how much o love them, every day. Try my hardest. Be as good and kind as a human can be so that they know love and warmth at home, even if not always outside of it.

Happy birthday husband. I adore you. Next year I'll try for another spa weekend!