Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A day full of jabs

Last week I had a call from our new health visitor reminding me that I needed to book the boys in (really late, in Midget Gem's case) for a round of immunisations. It seemed a good idea, in advance, to book them both in one after the other on the same day, thus getting the horror over and done with at once. 

In preparation we watched the episode of Caillou (which is the boys' favourite cartoon of ALL TIME, if you haven't seen it look it up, it's very wholesome) where he gets his jabs, and talked about how it would feel like a little scratch and afterwards we'd all have a lollipop. 

Neither of the boys have memories of previous jabs - Midget Gem is too small and Jellybean has forgotten all his previous ones so we were going in blind, with two cheerful, trusting boys. 

I had The Guilt before we even got there. 

We took both boys in at once then prepared Midget Gem - then, thinking it through, Daddytwo took Jellybean outside to play whilst I sat and pinned Midget Gem to my lap with no trousers on, ready to go. 

He had NO idea what was coming - and I have never heard him scream so loud in his entire life. It was like someone had set him on fire. I felt awful pinning him there after the first one, knowing there were two more coming, and he was shouting "please, please, no, ow, please" and it was hideous. Just hideous. 

I know, though, that it was worth it  for the protection it gives him - and five minutes later he was absolutely fine (and ten minutes after that he was better than fine, because he had TWO lollipops, one in each hand).

As I was wiping his tears and talking cheerfully about lollipops and trips to the park I noticed a stinky stink - and said "Oh Midget Gem, that is a VERY stinky poo you appear to have done - I hope Daddy remembered the changing bag, because Mummy didn't - I can't put you back in the car smelling like THAT!" - and honestly, it was a very stinky stink. 

Then, in a little voice, the nurse said "Actually, I believe that one came from me - he hasn't done a poo. It was me."

Well. I don't know how you're meant to react, in that situation - but I went with a high five. That was some NOXIOUS odour - you have to congratulate a lady when she does that, right?! And owns up?! She could TOTALLY have blamed it on my toddler! 

Once he was dressed Midget Gem went out to the waiting room with Daddytwo, and I prepared for round two of the screaming heebie jeebies with Jellybean. He was very curious about what was going to happen, interested in the nurses (he had two - one for each arm, so they could do two at once and not drag out the horror, anticipating the same response from him as his brother) and he was very friendly and chatty. 

Totally charmed, the nurses looked terribly sad to be having to inflict jabs on another gorgeous child, and with a 3, 2, 1 they did them, quickly, as I held him on my lap in a tight cuddle to keep him still. 

He didn't flinch. A little gasp, a slightly pale face, and a watery smile - and then lots of pride at what a big brave boy he had been. I think he was most impressed with his little round sticky plasters, he thought they were smashing. Then it was top back on, choose an 'I was brave today' sticker for himself and his brother (he wouldn't take one  unless he could get one for his brother too, because he was brave even though he cried) and a very macho stroll to the waiting room where he told a waiting baby that "it's not so bad, just a scratch, and then you can go to Sainsbury's for a lollipop - and look, you get a sticker, it's not so bad!" 

All in all it could have been worse! 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Magpie Monday

I'm feeling horribly smug and proud of this week's Magpie Monday haul and thrilled that I can show off such a bunch of goodies at such an absolute BARGAIN. 

I have a love affair with our local dump recycling centre where the local town leave their amazing goodies which can be picked up for almost nothing. I blogged last week about our amazing big brown chair which turned out not to be such a bargain but this is a fresh new recycling centre and has fresh new pickings. 

So here is this week's fabulous finds. 

We fell in love with this bottle - it isn't usable (or maybe it is but I have no interest in trying to make it function - it's just for prettiness) and it's a local connection as we live just outside Sherborne so it's a wonderful piece of local memorabelia. I can't believe someone chucked it in the dump! 

I was thrilled with this footstool and chair (beautifully modelled by my gorgeous toddler and his 'babbit') each need a little TLC and I would love to re-upholster them both but for now a good clean has made them glorious - we're always trying to find somewhere comfortable to sit so this has made our lives a little nicer.

As has this equally wonderful - and practically brand new - chair, which admittedly is something like you'd find in an old people's home, but it's VERY comfortable and again could be reupholstered if I ever buy fabric and have a go! 

We also got this brilliant dog bed - they'd clearly thrown it away because their dog had chewed a little hole in the front, so I patched it, gave it a good hot wash and ta daa, good as new - now I just need to convince Duke to actually sleep in it and not on the cold floor! 

I also got a Christmas wreath which I'm going to play with before I post a picture - but again it's practically brand new! 

And all of this, all in, came to the princely sum of six whole English pounds! SIX POUNDS! I can't believe it - it was the best day ever of thrifting! 


What treasures have you found this week? Post your finds and link up over on Me and my shadow

Me and My Shadow

Sunday, 9 December 2012

The magic of Christmas

Britmums are currently asking what makes the magic of Christmas - and because there's a competition attached to their question This is my entry for the #O2GuruMagicofXmas Linky, sponsored by O2 GuruTV – the home of tech help and inspiration.

For me the magic is all in the traditional details. I like olde worlde decorations, brown paper parcels, hand made gifts - inexpensive, small things that people took time to create for you, with love and thoughts of you. 

The time it takes to create the food, the laughter around the table as you sit with your family and share it, the jokes, the games, the fun. Gifts are an aside - I get uncomfortable being asked what I want, because to me the presents - as in people spending money on me, particularly on something flashy - isn't what I want. I want the company and fun of time with my family, my friends and my loved ones. 

I love making paper chains, hanging baubles from my tree, using real plants to add colour and life to our rooms during the darkest days of winter. 

I love the flurry of phone calls, the open fires and the love that people show one another. 

That, for me, is the magic of Christmas. This year we are spending Christmas day at home, just our little family, and I'm excited about the children finding their stockings (full of fruit, home made bits and bobs, and a handful of small toys from the 99p shop!) and about sharing our Christmas meal, about calling and skyping family, and about an evening sitting before the fire with a glass of mulled wine with the love of my life, smiling about the fun our children have had. 

That is the magic of Christmas. Love.

These home made trees, crafted from old books, were inspired by the tutorial Alison posted on her blog Five Go Blogging and you should definitely give it a read and have a go yourself - they're horribly satisfying and even Daddytwo had a go - that's his baby tree at the front! 

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday