Thursday, 24 January 2013

Flying free

After the last post I wrote I'm not really sure how to go back to blog posts about poo, embarrassing things the children say or crafting. 

I'm not an exciting or inspirational person, I'm very ordinary, and doing as we all do when I try to raise children without tainting them or breaking them, and keeping the floors reasonably clean. 

But yesterday, when over 1,000 people read and shared my words, when I had hundreds of comments, tweets and messages, I felt like I'd done something important. 

If the words I wrote can help just one person to say "this isn't OK, I know it's not" and to stand up to their abuser and free themselves from an abusive relationship then it was worth every second of what led me to need to write it. 

My life now is incredible. I have a wonderful husband who adores me, respects me, spoils me and puts up with my ups and downs. I never thought I'd have a life like this, and I know I'm often guilty of taking it for granted. 

I don't really talk about the things that brought me to this point, or my life before meeting my husband. Needless to say it was a little rocky at times, and I've been scared, angry, lonely and lost along the way. 

This week I feel like that was not only worth it, but necessary, to be this person now, to be strong enough to try, in my own small way, to help people in worse situations, in unhappy situations, to find the strength to hear that voice at the back of their minds and find their own freedom.

For the first time in years I slept soundly this week. For the first time in years my quiet shadows, whispering from the corners of my own mind, were silent. 

Thank you all for reading, thank you all for sharing, and thank you all for finding your way out of a life that wasn't good enough for you. 

I'm still going to be writing about poo - this wouldn't be my blog without those stories - but there's going to be more in a similar vein, to raise awareness of the kinds of abuse that people are living with, every single day, that we can help to free them from.

Domestic abuse isn't just violence. Never forget

Thank you.

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