Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Guess How Much I Love You competition

In December I was sent a copy of the new "Guess How Much I Love You" DVD to enjoy (and enjoy it I did) and alongside this review I also get to offer two of you lucky people a chance to get a copy for yourself. 

The Rafflecopter entry form is below (which I hope works properly, as it's my first time using it!) and TWO, not just one, but TWO of you can get your mitts on a copy of the DVD which is really rather super. 

I'm a massive "Guess how much I love you" fan - as well as the original book we have the seasons editions (as you see in the picture above) a few soft toys, a pushchair book that clips on - which has seen better days - and I just adore the illustrations and sweet stories, so read them with the boys often. 

We aren't massive TV watchers in our house - we don't have a signal here, so the only TV we watch is through netflix or iplayer or suchlike, or DVD - this means that we're much more selective about what we watch and, because it's such a faff, we don't watch a huge amount. It also means I'm quite fussy about what I'll let the children watch. 

This DVD is now high on my list of choices - it's utterly charming. The animation is the same charming watercolour style as the books, the voices are sweet (which is important) and the stories are - I'll say it, though it might sound corny - enchanting. 

I was worried that this series of cartoons would be taking the line a little far - and that it might be selling out, but actually it's just lovely, and another nice way of all sitting to enjoy the characters together, and the relationship between little nut brown hare and big nut brown hare. 

It has the added bonus of making Jellybean come over all soppy and tell me all the ways he loves me, and plant kisses on my face over and over! Win win! 

If you want to see some of these lovely cartoons yourself enter the competition on the form below and leave comments begging me and telling me how gorgeous I am. (It won't help, since it's randomly selected by the rafflecopter thingumy, but I like begging and compliments.) 

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  3. Sam McBratney

    rafflecopter entry as Katie Skeoch xx


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