Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Kids can be cruel

Tonight, putting my children to bed, all three of us over tired, grumpy and cold, I tried the usual routine of stories, cuddles, singing, kisses, tucking in and putting on music. 

Somehow I seemed to get it all wrong. 

Jellybean wanted a different CD - but he's broken or scratched all of the others so only one will play. 

He wanted a specific toy which I couldn't find. 

Midget Gem wanted to be on the top bunk, which he can't get to. 

Jellybean wanted to steal Midget Gem's favourite toy. 

The music started to skip, because the one remaining CD is scratched now too. 

The little lights that give them comfort won't turn on.

They were both screaming, I was trying to stay calm, I was trying to tuck them both in because neither will settle if their blankets aren't right - but as soon as I had one tucked in and went to do the other the first kicked themselves free, and I was up and down like a Jack in the box. 

I left the room, shut the door and left them to it. They screamed. Three times they came out of their room and ran in separate directions and I quietly herded them back. 

Jellybean shouted "I don't love you any more" and then "I want my REAL Mummy, I want my PROPER Mummy". I went to give him a hug and he pushed me away. Midget Gem tried to kiss him, and he hit him. I told him off, and he hit me. Midget Gem hit me and told me to go away. 

I went away. 

I heard a smashing noise and ran back in - one of them had thrown a toy and knocked a picture from the wall, smashing the glass in the frame. It was one I made myself to decorate the nursery when I was expecting Jellybean. It's been precious to me for four years. 

To more echoes of "Go away" and "I don't love you" I had two options. 

Cry. Or cuddle. 

I cuddled. I picked them both up, sat on the floor, pinned them to me, started humming and kissed them both over and over and over and over again.

Gradually the fight went out of them, and they stopped hitting me and screaming. With just little hiccups they agreed to go to bed if I sang to them. 

I sang, I tucked them in and I hoped that this time, an hour after starting, they would stay. 

This time they stayed. 

This time when I was shutting the door I saw Midget Gem blow me a kiss, and Jellybean said "I love you Mummy". 

It was worth it. 

Now I'm having some wine. 

Bloody children.


  1. Your patience is amazing. Go get that wine and enjoy it. (I would have just cried!)

  2. Don't be fooled that I was a joy to be around through the process!
    I'm having a little weep now, looking at the broken picture I did.

  3. You deserve lots of wine x
    Can you replace the glass?

    1. I can get a new frame from the 99p shop and put it in there. It'll be fine, the picture itself isn't damaged. I'm still sad though, because I'm a sap.

  4. Oh my gosh, what rascals!
    Its amazing how mean they can be without knowing it, but well done for handling the situation so well, I know I wouldn't have been able to keep so calm.
    Sounds like you deserve the wine and a weep.

    1. I definitely lost it for a while, but we all made up before bed which is most important!

  5. Nicely handled :) Bedtime tantrums can often be cured with a cuddle as the little ones are just overtired and not comprehending anything they say or do.

    1. I needed the cuddle just as much as they did!

  6. Mummy patence wins again - they love you loads Lizzie, just tired and grumpy - you always take it out on those closest to you. Well done - you are a brill mum and wife - keep looking at the bigger picture and your awsmness :)
    Fifi xx

    1. I love you Fifi xxx you comment made me cry, but in a nice way :-)

  7. My goodness, felt exhausted just reading this. Well done for keeping your cool!

    1. It wasn't a good evening! All friends again this morning, and playing one of your games!

  8. You are a lovely mummy. Wee monkeys!!!! :) xxxx

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