Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A family day out

A little over two and a half years ago, when we lived on Portland in Dorset, we got married. We had Jellybean, who was 14 months, and not quite nine months later we had Midget Gem. 

Our wedding ceremony was held at the register office in Weymouth, which has since been closed, and afterwards we went to Ferrybridge, the stretch of Chesil Beach between Weymouth/Wyke Regis and Portland, and had fish and chips, paddled, flew a kite and soaked up some sun and happiness with our friends and family. 

It was the most perfect day and on Saturday we went back to visit the beach and have a family day there. 

The children love the little beach at the end of the stretch where we partied, it's very safe and secluded and they can paddle, collect shells and pebbles and splash around. 

It was the first time we've taken Duke to the beach and he had a great time running in and out of the water, chasing things and meeting other dogs. 

It was a perfect day, and I'm glad we went. 

There were a lot of people with dogs, which was brilliant, and two families were mortified when their dogs stole some of our picnic and gobbled it up. We thought it was hilarious and just enjoyed chatting to other dog owners and swapping tips. 

I also found a big stone with two love heart shapes in it, which was brilliant - it's like the beach remembered our wedding party and wanted to give us something special to keep forever! 

It was wonderful, after a long winter with lots of days indoors, to blow away the cobwebs, enjoy the improved weather and run around together. 

Good sleep was had by all that night!


  1. That is so nice, I'd love to live by the beach

  2. Brilliant memories of a fabulous day :-) xxxxxx


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