Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cute animals and cute children

I am terrible at taking the boys out at the moment, aside from the pre-school run, and we're all likely to get cabin fever if I don't do better - so despite the cold, as long as it isn't pouring down, I'm really trying to go outside more. 

I have no money, though, so we're mostly walking in the countryside and going to the same playground a lot - and I was pleased that I had to go into Yeovil yesterday to run a few errands because it meant they got to do something different. 

Like chasing pigeons. Sorry pigeons! And passing strangers, who were subjected to lots of "RAAAAA I am SCARY!" from the boys! 

Then the boys attention was caught by a wee pet shop with a picture of a German Shepherd on the window - a grown up Duke dog! So we went inside to look, in the hope that they might have a hamster or some fish to look at. 

We were lucky - they had lots of animals! Midget Gem was particularly taken with the gerbils - Jellybean liked the snakes - and I am in love with the little bunny with the stripe!

Every time I go out I am reminded that I don't need to be spending money to enjoy our time out of the house - and with a little thought I can entertain and educate them with far more interesting trips than just going to the same playground! 

Now, can someone please buy me a bearded dragon? Only sixty pounds for the pair above! 

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