Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Do you use vouchers?

I've never really been much of a one for those voucher or money saving websites - I have kept a rather skeptical, suspicious view of them and always wondered what the catch must be. 

But this week I watched a documentary that made me re-think my opinions a little. 

I've seen documentaries before of people in America who basically make a living from 'couponing' - where they spend such a massive amount of their time collecting and cutting out vouchers for things that they end up being paid to get their shopping. 

I always thought 1: who has that much TIME? and 2: there HAS to be some kind of catch. 

Then this documentary I saw on 4od had me thinking again - it was called the Ultimate Guide to Penny Pinching (why with the caps on every word 4od!?) and whilst the woman featured wasn't quite as manic about couponing as the American documentary I watched she really did have some good tips - as did the guy who checks prices online before doing his shop. 

It made me look again at the voucher websites - and I had a really good dig about love my vouchers in particular. I did think, clicking around, that I wasn't really GETTING it because it seemed like a lot of the offers just linked to the brands own websites - but then I thought 'hold on, how often do I go to the individual websites looking for this?' and the answer was, well, never. 

I have been looking for ways to make our lives cheaper - things are pretty tight at the moment, but though we've cut back in a lot of areas I don't want us all to miss out completely on things like the occasional meal out or gifts for upcoming birthdays and anniversaries. There are always luxuries on top of the bills that I would begrudge NEVER being able to have. 

So if we're careful, if we budget sensibly, and we don't splash the cash on silly things (hello giant 99p shop baskets full of crap) we do still have a little money to treat ourselves - and if I check out love my vouchers and find a 'two for one' or a deal on two courses rather than just one we can take the kids out for the odd pizza or lunch at the weekend, or get a family day out midweek (thank you not-in-full-time-school aged children) for a good discount on the usual cost. 

So I'm a new convert to the idea. Why go without when, with some careful browsing around, you can get the things you like for considerably less than usual? 

Now - can someone please tell me where I can get those giant coupon books the Americans have?! I want some free shopping! 

(This was a sponsored post - I did, however, watch that documentary and agree to do the sponsored post because I was already looking at the voucher websites - and the money I'm being paid is taking us out for a pizza this weekend.)

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