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Pocket Money Changes - Poppy's chair

This is a quick update to say that, thanks to all your kindness and your generosity, we did it! We can buy Poppy's chair! Thank you thank you thank you!

Last year I wrote a few posts about Poppy, my friend Sophie's baby girl. 

Poppy was born with a tumour on her liver, which, after many complications, was removed and she is one of the youngest babies in the world to survive a liver transplant. Not just survive but thrive. 

Because of Poppy and her story I know that a great many more people have registered as organ donors, which will change and save so, so many lives, and began giving blood and saving even more lives. 

Over the last couple of weeks I have, thanks to you who read and follow this blog, raised money for two very deserving families, for two incredibly different reasons. 

And now, with Poppy in mind, I'm asking you to think about popping another pound into the pot. 

You see, Poppy is amazing. She is thriving and growing, laughing, smiling, a little beam of pure joy in everyone's life - but she was left with complications after all her illness when she was born. 

Poppy has cerebral palsy and she sees her care team regularly, her Mum is dedicated to her physiotherapy and she has a lot of equipment which makes her day to day life and her physical development easier. 

The thing is that the equipment is very expensive, and though some is provided by the NHS the family have to buy a lot of it themselves. 

As well as that a lot of what IS supplied is the bare essentials and some of it is fairly horrible for poor Poppy, and better options have to be bought privately. 

This is Poppy in her original standing frame, as you can see she HATED it

This is Poppy in her NEW standing frame - MUCH more popular, she is giggling her head off!

Poppy's family are determined, despite the difficulties that Poppy still has, to live a normal life with her and give her all the same experiences her big brother Hayden gets. 

But to do so they do need some additional equipment to help Poppy. At the moment they are trying to find a better solution to mealtimes - both at home and out and about - so that Poppy can sit at the table with her family. 

At the moment, at home, Poppy sits in her brother's old high chair propped up with a cusion. This isn't ideal, but Poppy lights up when she can sit up and see everyone else at mealtimes, and eats more when she is with her family than if she is fed alone. 

When the family go out to eat Poppy can't sit in a highchair, because she can't sit upright alone, so one of the family have to hold her. Again this isn't ideal, and it means that the family don't get to go out together to eat very often. 

To be able to sit Poppy on a chair at the table - either at home, beside her brother who she ADORES, and who just worships his baby sister - or out and about on family days out and celebration meals - the family need a specialist seat support, designed for children with special needs such as Poppy's.

The problem is that these chairs are made in America - and cost $240 - around 150 pounds, plus the cost of shipping the chair over to the UK. 

In total this is around two hundred pounds. 

Sophie gave up work when Poppy was born so that she could care for her full time, and her husband Steve works hard but doesn't earn enough to pay for the chair and the shipping on top of all the other additional costs that a child with special needs brings. 

The family just want to be able to live as normal a life as they can, for Poppy and for Hayden, who is missing out on a lot of trips and days out because Poppy can't access the places he wants to go or her needs simply can't be met there. 

Something as simple as this chair could change their lives, because it would mean that Poppy could sit up with the family, could go out to restaurants with them and sit on any chair there, and she will be comfortable, supported and - most importantly - happy, because she can sit at the table and share a meal with her family. 

If everyone who sees this shares the post and pops just one pound into the pot - the button to donate is at the top of the side bar on my blog - we will be able to buy the family this chair and give Poppy a little more happiness, making her beam that incredible smile, and make her family's lives just a little less 'raising an ill child' and a little more 'happy family'. That's all they want. 

If you can't see the button it is a link to a paypal account for Pocket Money Changes, and the address on paypal is 

Every penny raised will go to Poppy's family. Every penny you donated for 'Jack' went to his dance costume. Every penny donated for Matilda Mae went to her star and a donation to the family for every day costs and their chosen charity. 

This isn't about anything other than raising enough to buy this chair for Sophie, Steve, Hayden and Poppy to have an easier, happier life. 

As soon as enough has been raised to buy the chair I will update this post so that we all know the target was met. 

Thank you all so, so much for reading, for sharing this post and for your donations - every penny donated takes us closer to being able to get Poppy her chair. 

Thank you. Poppy says thank you too.

I wanted to add something else to the end of this post - Sophie and Steve, and a big gang of Steve's friends, raised money for Leeds Hospital after their incredible care of Poppy and after saving her life. 

They raised over twenty thousand pounds for the ward where Poppy had her transplant and has ongoing aftercare. 

That is an AMAZING feat and they are a wonderful group of people who have achieved an incredible thing - and the family didn't keep a penny of what was raised for themselves, despite knowing the costs of raising Poppy with all that she needs. 

Because they are so completely selfless I want to give them this gift, and show them how caring other people can be too, and they truly deserve happiness and ease in their lives. 

Day one - at the end of the day this is our total. Thank you - please keep sharing the post. 

At 10.15am today (Friday 15th) this is our total: I am only showing the total because I want to protect identities for people who want to stay anonymous - I will post the transactions when we reach our total with the names blocked out.  

9.30pm update 

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  1. So pleased Poppy can have her chair. so lovely that they had you to help them x


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