Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Poppy's chair arrived

I am THRILLED to report to everyone who contributed to Poppy's chair that it has arrived - and is a huge hit with the little lady herself!

Sophie - Poppy's Mum - said that Poppy is often scared by new things but that she took to this right away - and that she is supported, comfortable and - for the first time in her life - can sit at the table with her family.

Every single thing that makes Poppy's life easier is wonderful - and it's thanks to all of you that the family can sit together and enjoy a meal, anywhere.

Poppy is definitely saying, in this photo, Mum, away with the camera, I have some playing to do and you're being all emo, it's embarrassing. Quite right too! 

Thank you all so much - it means the world - Poppy is a very happy little poppet! 

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