Thursday, 7 February 2013

The greatest pasta bake on earth

I love a good pasta bake, and this one was proper flipping scrummy as well as filling - perfect for wintery days. 

Here's what you need to make it:

>A packet of pasta (I got the smart price asda stuff, used a whole bag - it's cheap as cheap)
>Two onions - finely chopped
>Handful of spring onions - finely chopped (you can skip these, but I had some in the fridge)
>Sweetcorn - I used frozen, about two cups worth
>Chicken stock - I used 'proper' stock but you can use stock cubes, chicken is a good one but you could use veg
>Cooking bacon - I used half a packet, you could use more or less, or chorizo if you have it in, that would be nice too
>Mustard seeds
>Chillies - I used three small fresh chillies - you can use more or less depending on your taste - the three I used made it warming but not spicy
>Milk - around two cups, depending on how much stock you use
>Cornflour - because I cannot be bothered to make a proper white sauce, who can?
>Cheese - I used cheddar, around half a big packet, finely grated

Here's what you do.

In a huge great big pan fry your onions and spring onions in a bit of whatever oil you have. Once they're soft (which takes WAY longer than it should) add your bacon (all chopped up) and chillies. 

Once that's all cooking nicely and your bacon isn't burned but isn't raw anywhere chuck in your sweetcorn and cook until it's gone a bit sticky around the edges. 

Stick in two teaspoons of mustard and around three teaspoons of mustard seeds (again, more or less depending on your taste) I just used bog standard English mustard and added the seeds because I'd WANTED to use posh mustard but we'd run out. 

Add your pasta and pour in enough chicken stock to cover it and set it boiling whilst you do the next bit.

In a seperate pan heat your milk and about two thirds of your grated cheese, and chuck in some ground black pepper. You won't need to add salt if you used stock cubes but if you used fresh stock plonk some salt in too. 

Once the cheese is melted mix two teaspoons of cornflour in a little  cup with some water to make a paste and then add it to your hot cheesy milk and stir it until it's thick. 

Add this to your big ass pan full of pasta and stuff, and stir it all up. 

If you have a fancy pan like mine pop the lid on and bung it in the oven now at about 150c for an hour. If you don't transfer it into a dish you can put in the oven, pop the lid on and do that. 

Ten minutes before you're ready to eat it put the rest of your grated cheese on top and leave the lid off so it melts and goes all bubbly. 

Ta daa - the greatest pasta bake of all time. King of all comfort foods.

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