Saturday, 9 March 2013

Feeding a child's imagination

Jellybean is a lively child, with a very active brain. He likes to invent stories, to play characters and have us role play his stories, he makes up songs and does performances - and he's starting to get into characters and want to play them in his stories. 

This week he is mostly being Spiderman. 

Spiderman likes to chase baddies, and he is a good man. He isn't really a spider. He can string on his lines and swing around. He can make webs. 

Spiderman is a good guy and he has friends. He can take off his mask and then I don't know who he is. 

He is not Superman because Superman has a cape and is a little bit rubbish. 

When he is not Spiderman he has a camera and he is just a big boy. 

So there you go! He has been creating all kinds of scenarios for Spiderman to rescue us - he rescued me from the stairs, he rescued the dog from the garden, he rescued the yogurts from the fridge into his tummy. That was a hard rescue mission because he could not take off his mask because then we would know who he was and he was being Spiderman. 

It's clearly exhausting. 

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