Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Giddy Goat Toys

One of the best things about being on Twitter is the people you find on there to chat to - and some of the nicest people also have brilliant businesses that I want to be massively successful, because they deserve it. Like Amanda, who runs Giddy Goat Toys. 

Giddy Goat Toys is a fantastic, traditional toy shop with great quality brands and a taste for wooden toys and proper play that's similar to my own - so is the kind of toy shop I always seek out when hunting for presents for my kids (or anyone else's, actually) - with the added bonus of good pricing, nice staff and - best of all, for me, a rather spiffing website which you can order from. 

The shop is based in Didsbury (that's near Manchester) which means, since we're in Somerset, it's a bit of a trek - but if you're around those parts you should definitely pop in (and say hi from me, and lick Amanda's face - she'll DEFINITELY like it) they might even stop playing with the toys for long enough to let you have a go!

To try out the web shop and see if it meets my high and exacting standards Amanda let me go at it and choose something to review - and with so many brilliant things to choose from I really struggled to narrow it down; in the end we settled on the Bigjigs container shipyard - which you can get from Giddy Goat Toys for the bargain price of just £11.99

I am a massive - let me repeat that; MASSIVE, fan of Bigjigs toys - they're such good quality, beautifully made, proper toys that even my children will struggle to destroy - and trust me, they can destroy pretty much anything.  The boys are crazy about their wooden railway and I find Bigjigs better quality and far more reasonably priced than that other brand you all know. This has been a HUGE success with the boys; check out this intensive playtime.

The boys have played with the set every day, and mixed and matched with other trains and track we already had, and altogether they love this toy - and I think Jellybean has his eye on a number of others from the collection; since the prices are so good I suspect Giddy Goat Toys will be supplying them! 

As an added bonus we were also sent 'Calm down Boris' - fantastic book with a hand puppet about a very silly big orange monster. 

The boys LOVE it. We've read the book every single day, dozens of times, and now if I tickle them they shout "Calm DOWN Boris!" at me very sternly! This book is hilarious - even Daddy doesn't mind reading it over and over and his patience for repetition is lower than mine. 

The book is £9.99 and your kids will love it - I'm pretty sure we were sent a copy because Amanda isn't allowed to play all day and loves it so much she had to share. 

As you can see, it was a hit! 

My Dad is coming at the end of the week and this book is waiting for him - he will adore it - and I'll have to be very careful to make sure that he DOES NOT TAKE IT WITH HIM when he goes. 

As well as reviewing the brilliant products I want to say that the website is very very good - very easy to navigate and - rather brilliantly - you can browse toys by age group, meaning that if you've a child's birthday coming up and no idea at all what to get them you can have a browse around in the appropriate area to find something perfect - that's probably the best idea I've ever seen on a toy shop website. 

The parcel arrived quicker than I expected, the packaging was great, everything was well wrapped up and protected and even the box ended up being played with for days! 

If you're looking for a proper toy shop, this is your place. 

*Disclosure; I was sent these toys for free, to review the webshop and the products - all content on this post is my own honest opinion; no other payment or bribery was received*


  1. I need to come & read Calm Down Boris to the boys :-)

    1. I knew it would appeal to you - it's really fun, they love it!

  2. Love Love Love the photo's!!! I mainly get to see the toys in their boxes so it's great to see them out being played with - reminds me why I do this job - to be a purveyor of JOY! Thank you for your lovely words too

    Giddy Goat Toys

    1. Thank you for the lovely toys - keep up the very good work!

  3. Love the photos and those adorable kids! My son had a small wooden set like this years ago. He just loved it and played with it for hours and hours. Calm Down Boris looks like an amazing book. Read and play at the same time!

    1. It's brilliant - they're great kids, and I know I'm biased, but they really honestly are - and love the train sets. They love all books, but this one is a real hit too!


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