Friday, 22 March 2013

I'm not seven flavours of crazy - just one

Since I was a teenager I've had bouts of anxiety, strange OCD habits and odd urges to repeat what people just said or do jazz hands for no reason. 

Rather later than is usual I saw my GP about all that and was sent to see a neurologist, and have been given a confirmed diagnosis of Tourette's. 

Most people think this means I shout swear words in the street - but if I do that it's not connected to my Tourette's, but is just because I'm a bit mardy and someone has done something obnoxious. 

What it DOES mean is that the generalised anxiety I was diagnosed with is actually a side effect of the Tourette's - and any strange OCD habits are actually connected too. 

So rather than being treated for each thing separately I'm going to be treated for the Tourette's and that should, overall, help with the other things. 

My tics are mainly blinks, throat clearing, jazz hands or hitting myself. That last one is about as fun as it sounds, but amuses other people quite a lot. My verbal tics are repeating things, getting 'jammed' half way through a sentence and "meeping" like the roadrunner. 

I'm being referred to see a cognitive behavioural therapist who should be able to help with the rest of the hints of crazy I sometimes display and hopefully that will make a difference long term. 

In the meantime, "MEEP MEEP" *jazz hands*. 


  1. I so glad you have a diagnosis so can get the treatment you need x

  2. I remember reading that you were seeing a neurologist on here a while back, glad you've now got the diagnosis :-)

    1. I always knew that would be the result - but wasn't expecting the Tourette's to tie together the other things too, I thought I was just mental

  3. Gosh that's frank and your candour made me want to laugh - is that wrong? CBT has worked wonders for me in different areas so I hope it does the same for you - good luck with it :)

    1. You have to laugh when someone hits their own head and shouts MEEP at you, really. It can't be helped!

      Thank you lovely xxx

  4. I had no idea you were going through all this. I am glad something positive is happening :) Also an apology, despite following and chatting to you on Twitter it is only now that I am adding your blog to my blog reader! The shame! Please accept my humblest apologies :P You won't be able to get rid of me now...


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