Friday, 1 March 2013

Nothing like a bit of spring

The best thing about having a dog is the having to go out and get some fresh air and some exercise - if you don't Duke goes mental and is very annoying - and it turns out that applies to the rest of us too; a nice walk and some fresh air does us all the world of good and, despite my own preference for hibernation, we all feel so much better afterwards. 

The way I find best to fit this into my day is to drop Jellybean at pre-school and walk the dog with Midget Gem along the lane the school is on. Then when we collect Jellybean we either walk that lane or go to the park so the boys can play in the playground and Duke can have a good run around the field with his doggy girlfriend Lily the retreiver fetching sticks. 

This is one of our down the lane walks from yesterday.

Little baby moo cows are very fluffy

(Jellybean thought the sign wearing a wooly leaf hat was hilarious, he's still talking about it today!)

Midget Gem always likes to stop and look at things he thinks are interesting so is usually following behind us.

These sheep are  like a huddle of little old men complaining about the youth of today. They like a good shout.

The boys wanted to feed the baby moo cows but they weren't very interested.

Midget Gem had stopped again to look at the sheep

In contrast to Midget Gem's dawdling and staring at things Jellybean likes to run ahead and explore and tell us what he can see - his curiosity is endless.

The views around here aren't bad, really - can't beat some green.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of thing I miss from where I grew up, and the kind of childhood I want my boys to have - walks in the countryside, a fun dog to play with, and lots of fresh air and animals to look at. This makes me very, very happy - very happy INDEED.

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