Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pocket money changes - a well deserved treat.

Thank you to everyone who donated for Rachel and Dean to have their night out - we reached our total and Rachel and Dean are now planning a hot date! 

Lots of my blogging friends and twitter friends know Rachel - who tweets as @mummyglitzer and blogs at and who is a ray of sunshine. 

I have only ever heard positive things about Rachel and I know that she is by far one of my favourite people to talk to - if I get a tweet from her I know it'll cheer me up - she's just one of those people. 

The thing is that Rachel and her husband Dean, and their scrummy wee man Harry, have had a pretty awful year. 

Rachel has some fairly scary health problems which mean that she is going to have to undergo neurosurgery in the near future, which is scary for all of them. She has suffered from migraines and back pain for years and has been diagnosed with a complex collection of conditions which are painful, difficult to treat and fairly overwhelming to live with. 

As if that isn't enough to deal with the family suffered a string of bad luck with redundancies and financial problems that led to them losing their home last year and being placed in temporary accommodation - a hostel, with just one room to call their own - and they are still there months later, waiting and hoping to find a new home soon where they can live as a family without the scary and complex additional complications that living in shared housing brings. 

Now hearing about their circumstances I wanted, very much, to do something to help - to make their lives better and give them something. Only I know that, for a lot of it, I can't do enough - I can't buy them a house, I can't fix Rachel's health problems.

But what I can do - with your help - is give Rachel and Dean a treat. A proper, grown up, worry free date night. 

I've spoken to Rachel and her aunt would be very happy to look after Harry for an evening (a treat for him in itself!) so that Rachel and Dean can have a much needed evening together to just enjoy each other, have some nice food and drink, a little romance, and find themselves again so that things don't feel so overwhelming, and they can have a night off from their worries. 

I also think it's important that, when things are hard, people can show that they're thinking of someone, that they want to help, and I know how much people think of Rachel and her incredible strength and positivity. 

So here's what we're going to do. We're going to collect some money together, we're going to give Rachel and Dean a date. 

A trip to the cinema (Dean would really like to go and see 'A good day to die hard' or 'Argo') and a meal together at Cafe Rouge. 

So £20 for cinema tickets, £60 for the meal and a drink - that's £80. Whilst we're here I think Harry deserves a little something so let's round it up to a nice round £100 - that way Harry can have an afternoon at softplay or a new toy? 


I know I can't give them £100 on my own - much as I would love to, because they absolutely deserve this treat - but I know that if everyone who reads this blog puts in just £1 we will very quickly be able, together, to show Rachel and Dean and Harry that they are thought of, that people care, and that good things happen out of the blue too. 

Please click the button below and donate what you can - every penny will bring us closer to the target and put a smile on some of my favourite faces.

Thank you! 

Thank you everyone who donated - we reached our target and Rachel, Dean and Harry are looking forward to their treats. 

If you know anyone else who needs a treat or has an unexpected expense that they can't meet please email me on 


  1. Lovely idea, count me in too. Done!

  2. Done. If you got more than expected maybe a weekend in a caravan somewhere near the sea? X

  3. Thank you all so much. I am keeping this money in my paypal until my Auntie is free to have Harry overnight. I have been overwhelmed by your kindness. Xx


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