Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Steamboat Willie

Tonight my husband made a joke about me in hearing of the boys (something about steam and willies - you can use your imagination, this is a PG rated kind of place!) and Jellybean wanted to know what he was talking about - so I said Daddy was talking about "Steamboat Willie", which was a cartoon EVEN OLDER than Grandad Dad Dad (gasps all around) about a mouse driving a boat. 

So of course they wanted to watch it - and I realised that although I've known about Steamboat Willie all my life I've never seen the whole thing - so to YouTube we went, and we all settled on the sofa to watch together before bed. 

The boys thought it was hilarious - Jellybean laughed until he cried - and I was surprised by how...of its time, shall we say, some aspects of it were - I don't think they'd be allowed to make a cartoon with the same content now! Maybe I'm just being silly, but it did seem a bit much in parts. 

But knowing that we sat and watched a cartoon created in 1928 felt special - I like finding ways to teach the children new things, and the passage of time is a good one for them to grasp, it's such a big concept. 

Them watching, and enjoying, a cartoon that is older than my own Grandparents is something quite special to me. Knowing that they will one day be able to show their own children, and that the same company are still making cartoons that entertain them now, is quite a big thing. 

I'm a big Disney fan - I love "Beauty and the Beast" (I had the special edition DVD and sold it on Ebay when my husband and I were quite a new couple; he had just got a new job and I used the money to take him for dinner to celebrate - that was the first night I ever tried Chinese dumplings) and I love just about everything Pixar have ever done with Disney. 

In the last month I've managed to get the boys to sit still long enough to watch a whole film (thank you, horrible virus) and we watched "Monsters Inc." and "Finding Nemo". 

"Despicable Me" is Jellybean's favourite film and he asks to watch "mister Gwu" at least once a week (trust me, for my kids that's a lot) and I was very excited to see the new trailer for the second film tonight (see my facebook page for a link to that too) and I think I might take Jellybean for a Mummy date to see that (Midget Gem is still a bit small to manage a whole cinema film and hubby hates sitting in cinemas). 

I also really want to see "Wreck it Ralph" because people keep saying he looks like my husband - and I kind of think they have a point! 

Have you ever watched the whole of "Steamboat Willie" before? What do you think about it? Will you be showing your kids?


  1. I show the kids at youth club Tom and Jerry cartoons on a regular basis. They absolutely LOVE them. When I was teaching I sensed that children have a real interest when it comes to things "of old". There is something magical about seeing how things were once upon a time. It's fantasy and reality combining, it looks so strange yet so familiar.

    1. I think my boys would love Tom and Jerry - all the old classics are coming back into our house, and I love them watching the same things I watched when I was little.

  2. my boys are on occasion up before cbeebies (most mornings) and we watch top cat, wacky races, dastardly and muttley, and the all star laff olympics on boomerang I love them as much as the kids do


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