Monday, 11 March 2013

Tuesday Tales - a link up

A Jellybean story. 

Once upon a time there was a dinosaur - a friendly one - and his name was Friendlyponks. 

Friendlyponks likes food. His favourite food is food. And flowers. 

One day Friendlyponks Mummy said "Don't forget time for bed my little baby" and Friendlyponks just went to bed because he was really tired. 

Then he just stayed in bed ALL DAY. 

The end. 

And that, ladies and gents, is further proof that my three year old is a genius. Or something. 

Do your kids make up stories? I hope so, because this is a linky - post a story your small folk have invented or told about their day, grab the badge and link up - go for it, kids are great - let's encourage their imaginations!



  1. My 4y/o told me the following in the car on the way home from pre school (last week)

    "Mummy today we went to meet the King. He gave me a rainbow coloured cat called Soft Fur, and he is also invisible, so you cant see him."

    Since then Soft Fur has featured in quite a lot of our family daily chat. Its so lovely. x @sathlondonshona

    1. Oh that is gorgeous! Jellybean has an invisible friend called George - he only really appears in the playground! George likes the swings, and does NOT like bigger kids.


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