Thursday, 18 April 2013

A-Z Challenge - O is for outside

I love having a proper garden, secure and closed off around the back of our house where the children can't escape into any dangers and can instead let off steam and burn energy, get muddy, play, explore, use their imaginations and enjoy each other's company. 

The weather today is switching somewhat scizophrenically between torrential rain and glorious bright sun - and the kids are in and out and in and out in their wellies taking advantage. 

They were playing football but a particularly vigorous kick appeared to burst their rainbow ball - so they made a new game of the pieces, pulling it in half, and carried on their games! They obviously had to have a cuddle to get over the sadness of the ball - then the fun just carried on.

O is for outside - and hurrah for the spring finally appearing so we can take advantage! 


  1. If it's broken, make it into a hat! Brilliant :D

  2. How sweet!! They made good use of the broken ball. I am visiting with A-Z. I followed you on GFC.

  3. Absolutely adorable!!!! Stopping by from a-z

  4. Gorgeous photos and how ingenious of them to turn it into hats after it burst! Just lovely boys

  5. Lovely photos! Looks like they were having a great time :)


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