Friday, 3 May 2013

Momma's low fat spicy 'chowder' recipe

At the moment I'm on a bit of a health kick and am trying to eat more real food and less lazy fat cow food; this is including a lot of salad and soups and a glorious side effect of losing weight. 

This week I really fancied some chowder but the way I'd normally make it is with pints of full fat milk and a bit of cream, and I didn't want something that creamy and fatty tasting - but I did want something with fish and sweetcorn - so I created this delicious veggy rich alternative that skips the cream but tastes amazing. 

Whilst it's clearly not actually chowder I used that as my inspiration and this is the result.

What you need:

One onion, chopped
Five or six large mushrooms, chopped
Two cups of sweetcorn (I used frozen)
One cup of peas (I used fresh, yum!)
One large sweet potato, peeled and chopped (rather than actual potato, this is healthier and counts towards your five a day and helps with the scrummy sweet flavour)
One green pepper, chopped
Two pints of vegetable stock
A dash of soy sauce
As much ground black pepper as you like (I used about a teaspoonful) 
Two teaspoons of ground chillies or fresh chopped chillies (this is very dependent on how spicy you like/can handle - this is pretty spicy) 
Three frozen fish fillets (smoked is better; in my usual specific manner use any fish you have in the house - I used cod)

What you do:

In a wee bit of oil in a great big pan fry your onions and mushrooms until they're soft. (This wee bit of oil is why it's low fat and not no fat. If you've got a better pan than me you can skip the oil if you like.) 

Chuck in all your veg and give them a quick stir fry to give some depth of flavour and let some of the sweet potato and sweetcorn bits go brown a touch around the edge

Add your vegetable stock and spices and give it a good old stir, then bring to the boil, reduce to a simmer and leave bubbling until your sweet potato is soft

Add your fish, bring back to the boil, reduce to simmering again and cook for a further five minutes (fish cooks very quickly and you don't want to over do it; mine was frozen so really I just cooked it until the fish was hot)

Serve it up with a big fat bowl of salad and feel smug about how healthy you're being. 

The veggies - particularly sweet potato, unsurprisingly - make for a very sweet soup so the kick of the chillies is quite important and gives it a really nice depth and flavour. Super tasty. 

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