Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Shining in the rain. Happiness.

Today I really wanted to go outside, and just walk around, and be outside, and get some air and sun and summer on me. 

Only when I looked outside this morning I was greeted with this...

In case you can't really tell, it's grey. Grey, and wet, and wet, and grey. That is NOT summer. So I didn't go outside right away. I did get quite a lot of work done though. Daddytwo dropped Jellybean at pre-school on his way to work and Midget Gem was being a little cherub playing games and colouring in his 'school work' whilst I got a couple of articles finished and caught up on emails. 

Then we played some, had lunch, played some more and did some 'lessons' learning colours, and cutting up magazines to make a collage. (Which was probably more fun for me than for him, let's be honest.)  

Then I went to collect Jellybean from school. I put on my wellies, a waterproof coat, and braved the yuck.

And once I was out in it, it wasn't so bad. It was wet, but kind of warm wet. And despite it being a bit of a wash out as far as summer goes I realised that the world is coming alive with growth, life and colour anyway - despite the grey that hung over everything. 

And I felt good. 

We held hands and splashed in every single puddle between the school door and the car. Then we went to do it again. Other parents laughed at me as I splashed with abandon with my big boy - but we had a great time. We laughed, and splashed, and sang watery songs, and it was brilliant. 

Then we looked at all the flowers coming out and talked about how pretty they are, how colourful they are, and I thought that even when it's grey, and miserable, actually everything is really rather beautiful. Perhaps even more so. 

And we're pretty blessed, really, in our happy little life in the sticks. 

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