Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Then and now

This year I will turn 30. That's a pretty big deal, by most people's standards. 

I have two amazing children, next month I celebrate my third wedding anniversary, and in September my family will celebrate having known me for 30 whole entire years. Lucky them! 

This year another icon (yes, I'm calling myself an icon, don't crush my immense ego) turns 30 too - Special K. The cereal that celebrates a woman's curves and always pops into my head when I go swimming (because I have a killer red swim suit that sucks in my Mum-tum and makes my bum look good!) 

To celebrate their big three-oh Special K and Britmums have teamed up to run a linky where bloggers galore are joining in to tell us all about how different they are now compared to 30 years ago. You should pop along and take a look at the other posts, mainly for the fashion! 

Back to me; how have I changed in 30 years? 

Well - here I was in September 1983. 

I think quite a lot has changed! I've gone from a tiny new human to a whole grown person with a family of her own, and experienced a lifetime - quite literally - of things along the way. 

My family grew, we lost a few, I moved around and made some friends. I was fiercely independent from the word go, would argue that the sky was red if I was feeling contrary, carved my own path and learned a lot the hard way. 

I gave my parents a few grey hairs along the way - not least when I shaved all my own hair off - and for a while I struggled with who I am and who I should be - but now I'm calmer, nicer, and far happier than in those rocky days we all seem to stumble through when we're turning into adults. 

My Mum has spent her Bank Holiday weekend rummaging through old photo albums and I suspect I'm not the only one who got a little emotional seeing some of them. 

My own babies are four and two now; the eldest is starting school the same month I turn 30, and I can't believe time moved so fast. I bet my parents are still feeling like they only just turned into grown ups themselves, and their babies have babies and got married, and turned into grown ups too. 

30 years when I was a child seemed so huge a figure that I couldn't imagine ever reaching it. I was 16 when we held our breath at mignight to see if the year 2000 would break technology. All of a sudden that's 13 years ago. 

What else happened in that 30 years? Here's a quick time line, in pictures!

I learned to roll over - and had some serious style already!

I often wondered if my Dad was Eagle Eye Cherry.

I looked spookily familiar (is this me, or Midget Gem?!)

I flirted from a young age with some dreadful, dreadful hair cuts.

I learned to walk - before I was even one - and I never stopped. Mum also said that at this age I walked to the bathroom, took off my nappy, used the loo and refused to ever put a nappy back on again. I wish my children had done that - potty training number two is in progress! 

I developed a very close relationship with my Grandparents - particularly Nanny B

I always adored my big brother - who always put up with it, bless him

and I always wished I was as cool as my little sister, who has the greatest hair on earth

Early experiements with make up showed promise (ahem)

And I was always sure to be neat and tidy for school...(um...) insisting on styling myself! 

I blossomed into a...well...teenager...with my own sense of, erm, style?

Which did NOT improve for quite some time! 

And then - for obvious reasons - there was a bit of a void in photos of me! There's only so much pain a girl can take! 

And now? Well - I finally stopped shaving my head, I practiced applying make up - and I don't think all those early disasters show their faces too often!

Although I definitely still have my own distinctive style...

A lot can happen in 30 years!

As for Special K? Well what's new for them? A new recipe, for starters - The new recipe contains three grains — rice, wheat and barley (previously there were two) — and is made with wholegrain, for a source of fibre as well as 8 vitamins and minerals. It gives health-conscious, weight-watching women  a tastier breakfast.

And how does it compare? 

I've got to admit that I'm not a cereal fan; I can't abide eating something that's soaked in milk and which turns soggy before you've had chance to eat it - but as I'm on a health kick, and I promised a review, I poured myself a bowl and dove in. 

I expected it to taste of cardboard (yep, I've never had Special K before) but it didn't - it was actually rather nice! I did leave the last couple of spoonfuls because the kids needed my attention and when I came back the bottom of the bowl had gone soggy - and I don't do soggy - but had the kids not called me away I would have done; it was holding up pretty well with my almond milk! 

The new recipe is crunchy, with light and crispy flakes, and tastes sweet and baked. I'm glad I've got a whole full sized box as I think I'll be snacking on this for my supper too! 

What are your memories of 30 years ago? And have you tried the new recipe Special K yet?

This is my entry to the BritMums/Special K “How I’ve changed Linky challenge and you can find out more about the new recipe Special K here - and you can also sign up for diet tips and plans to help you get the special swim suit body you want - and you can also download their new app for on the go weight loss advice. 


  1. Hello :) I've popped over for a look because I've also taken part in this linky! Glad I'm not the only one who's added lots of photos!!!
    Loving the side pony tail - I rocked thy look too!

    Emma x (@beachpebble)

    1. I'm kind of tempted to pop that same side pony in now! I think we can still pull it off, right?

  2. You were a very gorgeous baby and you've carried it all the way through to adulthood!! You're sooo young, I'm a whole 3 years older than you :) I've never actually tried Special K but have always heard its nice.

    1. I was a very serious baby! But thank you *blush* there was definitely some serious ugly duckling happening in my teens!

  3. Eagle Eye Cherry is now a grey haired, beardy, grumpy old git :)

    1. Oh Poppa, you've always been a grumpy git :-)

  4. Really amusing post. Commenting on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.


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