Monday, 10 June 2013

Magpie Monday

I haven't joined in with this for a while - but this one was too good not to show off. 

I didn't take a before picture - which I feel a bit silly about - but this was a grubby wooden frame with a hideous painting of flowers that had clearly been done by someone learning to paint and not doing a very good job of it. The frame was solid wood and the glass in good condition - and it was at the dump - so I yoinked it out and brought it home, where I scrubbed it with bleach then forgot about it for a few weeks. 

THEN I went to a great charity shop close by where they sell old maps and music sheets for 50p each - and I bought up a stack, thinking how much fun I had doing the hostess trolley with the Lake District map a while ago and popped them in the cupboard under the stairs too, thinking grand plans for their use. 

THEN there was a particularly windy day that blew a photo of the boys from it's safely out of reach spot (which was required because the photo was still just in the cardboard frame it came in, waiting for me to get organised) and the boys, of course, shredded the frame. 

Luckily I managed to rescue the photo itself before they screwed it up (a habit to which I've lost a distressing number of photographs, letters and book pages) and knew that last night was the time to fix up my shizz. 

So I mixed up a batch of home made mod podge (which I could pay a FORTUNE for online, or I could make for pennies by mixing PVA glue with water - it is just watery PVA so why would I pay extra?!) and set to. 

I picked a map of the midlands which I was rather taken with because of the abundance of red - it will match nicely with our frame wall which already has spots of red dotted through it. I cut it up, mod podged the living heck out of it, carefully mushed it into every detail on the frame, and then left it to dry over night. 

It turned out even better than I'd expected!

Now I just need to pop the picture out again for a mo because there's three bloody dog hairs stuck in there and the photo is a bit wonky. Tut.

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