Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Starting school

Today we dropped both boys at pre-school and Daddytwo and I headed to Jellybean's big boy school to meet other parents, all the teachers, have a proper look around and hear all about the school. 

Daddytwo hadn't been able to come with me to visit when I took Jellybean on our deciding which school to go to tour, so it was nice for him to meet people and see the school - and judging by his very impressed face I think I picked a good school despite it being the only one he hadn't been able to visit with us! 

The school is absolutely lovely and all of the staff are very happy and seem really passionate about their work - and all over the school we saw children enjoying their lessons, smiling, happy, friendly and confident - which gives me hope that Jellybean will continue to be the same when he starts there. 

We were asked to do a summer project with our child so that they have something to speak to the other children and teachers about when they start in September. Each child is to decorate a ring binder and put in a few pages about things they've enjoyed this summer. That folder will then be theirs in school all year to add in things they've enjoyed at school or at home all year and they'll bring it home at the end of the summer term to share with us. 

I think that's a lovely idea - it's great to have a project, it's great that Jellybean will have something special to "show and tell" when he starts school, and we'll have great fun doing it. 

It was such a nice idea that we thought we'd do one with Midget Gem too - so we have folders, photos and stickers all ready for them to decorate their own folders ready for their summer projects! 

Another thing I really liked was a wall where children put up pictures and comments about books they've enjoyed at home with their parents - they get a picture of a bookworm to decorate for each book (and judging by the number of books we read with the kids each day we're going to need a LOT of worms!)

I can't believe that my big boy is going to be starting school soon - with a proper uniform and school dinners and bigger kids and real actual school. He's grown so fast and I can't believe we're here already - it feels like minutes ago I was preparing to have a baby - and now I have two great big boys! 

Bring it on! 

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