Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Miso risotto recipe

So tonight I wanted sushi. We have sushi quite often, home made because we live in the outback and supermarket sushi is not sushi, but we had no proper fish I could use, just some frozen smart price fish fillets.

With hubby out at work, a four year old who refused to get dressed and a two year old with a fever, I didn't much fancy the drive to the supermarket (an hour round trip even before getting out of the car).

So I pondered what to do with the ingredients available, and came up with this. 

I'm calling it miso risotto because I used our miso soup paste as a stock for the risotto. If you want to make this fantastically delicious dinner the recipe is below. 

Ingredients. (serves four - but two of us ate it all. HA.)

1 packet of risotto rice
4 cloves of garlic
1 inch of peeled garlic root
Two sheets of dried seaweed 
Half a head of broccoli 
Four frozen fish fillets
A dash of chilli flakes
A wee bit of salt

What to do.

Get a great big pan with a nice heavy bottom (fnar) and pop it on the heat with a lump of butter. How much is up to you. I opened a fresh pack and cut a slice about 1/2 cm thick. 

While your crappy electric oven takes all eternity to heat enough for the pan to notice and melt the butter fill the kettle and boil it. 

Slice your garlic cloves and ginger into thin pieces and briefly fry them in the melted butter (which does eventually heat up and you know damned well that stupid ceramic hob will be hot for a good hour after you stop using it too).

Add in your broccoli so that it will cook as the rice does (steam it lightly first if it's fresh, don't bother if it's frozen)

Chuck in your packet of risotto rice and stir it around so it's thoroughly coated in your garlicky, gingery butter. Stir it over the heat for a minute or so whilst filling a jug with your boiled water and stirring the miso paste into it. Add some salt because you've watered it down a lot and salt tastes nice. 

Then with the patience of a thousand angels add your stock a ladle at a time to the pan, stirring until it's absorbed. No cheating and just sloshing it in you heathen. 

Whilst that's doing and you're stirring grow some extra arms and cut your seaweed into thin strips about 1/4 cm wide. Add half to the miso stock bowl and keep the rest aside for now. 

Keep on adding your stock, a little at a time, stirring and stirring and stirring. 

As you're doing that balance a small screaming child on one hip and speak to your Mum on the phone, trying not to let the rice stick or the child fall on his head. 

Take a small frying pan and add another lump of butter (don't you judge me) and fry your frozen fish for a couple of minutes on each side so it's golden, sticking to the pan a little (that's the tasty bit) and crunchy around the edges. 

Pop that aside (do NOT stop stirring liquid into that risotto, and no cheating remember!) 

Try to let the furious toddler cling to your legs without splashing him with anything hot from the oven, that would be bad. Pretend that you can't see the dog chewing on something he shouldn't have in the garden. Ignore that noise from upstairs, the big one isn't crying and you're pretty sure whatever he dropped didn't actually break, you cannot stop stirring this pan.

Then in the same little frying pan (and in the same butter, go on, go for it) fry your remaining seaweed strips with the chilli flakes until they're crispy but not burned. NOT burned. Ok, a tiny bit burned. Shh.

Keep going until you've used all the liquid (the back of the risotto packed will give you an accurate volume. I just use a whole kettle because it seems to work.) and then you'll have a perfect risotto.  

Dish it up into a big bowl, top with your fried buttery fish and the spicy seaweed, and yum it all up because man oh man is it good. 

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