Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A pear of smartypants

Forever and ever ago I was sent, and reviewed, "Pears in pairs" - you can read the original review here (and you should, I'm very witty) and recently, since the move, we've been making the most of our fab new set up and playing games together as a family most days all sitting up around the table. 

At the same time Jellybean has started at school and has been coming on in incredible leaps with his reading, and is now confidently reading short words at us constantly (whether we want him to or not) as well as randomly shouting sums at us and spelling things aloud to show off, like a great big showy show off. 

This has rubbed off on his brother and Midget Gem has a renewed interest in the alphabet and learning the phonics from the games his big brother (his hero) brings home from school each day. 

This has been glorious for me because I love reading and writing and would love to nurture that same passion in my babies. If they can learn to read alone confidently it will open the world of wonders that I dreamed my childhood away in and I'm so excited to see the interest they're showing. 

This week we have been having a lot of fun, to their own particular skill levels and areas of interest, with Pears in Pairs. 

Jellybean is really, really into the rhyming game where I give him one word, he sounds out the letters and reads it to me, and then he comes up with other words which rhyme, finds the letters (with the aid of his trusty toy tractor) and spells them out. 

This right here, behind this screen, this is my proud face. I'd show you a picture of my proud face but I've no make up on and I need to wash my hair. Just imagine something smug, and a little blotchy.

The dog had wandered through by this point...can you tell? *Sigh* Always with the hair! 

After a while he got bored of rhyming, so he made a model of London Bridge, and sang me the song, with the signing to go with it, then he threw the tiles all over the room and shouted "I am a robot and I will smash you into pieces" because even though he's brilliant he's still a sodding BOY. 

Midget Gem can't quite manage spelling out words and rhyming, because he's two. But he does know his alphabet and is confident about singing the song, coming up with words that each letter starts, and matching them up - so we laid out the whole alphabet and then he found the letters in the line and matched them, singing the whole time. 

Again, dog. Bloody dog. Hair. Gets. Everywhere. 

I'm a prouder than proud Mummy, and the boys love the time we're spending together playing and learning and laughing. It's lovely to be able to give them that time, and give them the confidence to play with words and sounds the way they enjoy so much.

Also amusing is my husband's utter confusion looking at this suggested game for beginner readers...

You see he's from Hertfordshire originally. In Hertfordshire, if you're a nice posh boy, those words do not rhyme.

I am originally from Kendal. Not only do those words rhyme in Kendal but they do so in a nice, deep, gruff voice that enjoys fresh air and rain.

Barth my bum! 

Oh, and this isn't a review, and the lovely Banangrams people didn't ask for or expect me to post this, but I wanted to share how much fun we're having with the game, and do a wee brag about my boys, because they're brilliant, and I am proud, and I like to be proud where my Grampa can see it and join in (hello Grampa) but if you did want to buy a game for yourself you can get one here (not an affiliate link either, just a bog standard link). 

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