Sunday, 13 October 2013

We had a visitor

One of the things Jellybean's class do is this little suitcase. I had seen one other child leaving with the suitcase but thought it was their own - but it was schools, and (without an explanation from anyone but Jellybean!) this week the suitcase came home with him. 

He was REALLY excited to be bringing the suitcase home and couldn't wait to tell us all about it...

He wasn't quite as excited as his little brother though! 

I tried to get a nice snap of him smiling - but his brother and the dog kept interfering! 

Then he said "I'm TRYING to smile Mummy, but this is SO ANNOYING!" 

Inside the case, with some travel companions and activities - is the class mascot, Micky Monkey! (He's the big fella in the jumper - the wee monkey is his teddy, the duck is just along for the ride!) 

Jellybean immediately set to drawing a portrait of Micky in his diary.

Micky posed very patiently - he's a good boy.

Then we got the activity we'd had planned all set up - water beads! Micky was very interested in what the boys were doing. 

I thought 'excited Midget Gem' above was the best photo ever - but then there was this.

Lots of team work and sorting the water beads by colour, then throwing them all over the room while I screeched "KEEP THEM IN THE BOWL" 

Micky Monkey thought it was great fun - then he grabbed the camera for a cheeky selfie while I made a cuppa.

Then they all had dinner and played a bit before getting ready for bed. Micky Monkey has a book in his case but he wanted to read something new - and he was a huge fan of "That's not my monkey"

Then it was time for bed - Jellybean made space for Micky Monkey in his bed among the usual suspects, and everyone snuggled down for some big zeds. 

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