Friday, 13 December 2013


Yesterday morning we proudly took our seats on the front row to watch Jellybean's first ever nativity. 

He had the role of shepherd, and had an actual line, in their show - which wasn't the traditional nativity but was 'Whoopsadaisy Angel' - all about a clumsy angel who always got things a little wrong, and who was finally given one important job, telling people about the new baby king. 

I was a little worried that Jellybean would be nervous about going on stage in front of everyone, and I knew they'd done their play for the rest of the school but was still worried about how different he'd feel with all the parents watching. 

"It's not scary Mummy, it's brilliant; I like to be up on the stage because it means everyone can see me!"

Of course!

Then he said that he'd watched them build the stage and they had let him stay to watch and he asked them questions about how they did it, and he was telling me all about the screws and the little black covers over them, and was very interested indeed in it all.

Then I dropped him off and we took our seats in the hall, right at the front, to wait for the show to start. 

When the children all arrived he was proud as punch to walk past us in his costume and beamed his little face off, he was just so proud, and I was so proud, and it was lovely to watch him. 

The show was brilliant, laugh out loud funny. The narrator had a little stage fright and sat back down and one little girl was carried off stage to go to sit with her Mummy because it was a bit overwhelming. 

Jellybean wasn't nervous at all, he just kept waving and giving us thumbs up from the stage and shouted that one of the other shepherds was off school poorly but it's ok because he can do his line!

His line was "We're going to see the baby" and he said it very loudly and clearly, then marched across the stage to do another song, which he - from the front of the stage - yawned right through and kept peering around the kings to catch our eye and grin and wave!

Then at the end of the (EXCELLENT) show they all stood together nicely for photos. 

Jellybean and his friend, a little king, started trying to unwrap the baby Jesus' presents, then Jellybean took some of the little black covers from over the screws out to show his friend, then he dropped them off the stage onto the floor, climbed off to get them, climbed back up and lay down on his back! 

He is excellent!

I couldn't be more proud of that boy!

I didn't take too many pictures and will only share these two very zoomed in, not great quality pictures because I don't want to post pictures of anyone else's children from his class as I don't think that would be fair - but they all looked amazing, all sang the songs beautifully, and Whoopsadaisy Angel was utterly brilliant, she remembered all her lines and did all her dances and actions perfectly, and every child on the stage was a little star; particularly the tiny blonde sheep at the front who sang so prettily! 

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